Escape at home with Escape Room on Blu-Ray


Sony’s scary survivalist thriller, Escape Room, is coming home for fans to buy and relive the horror of each nail-biting puzzle room on Blu-ray and DVD.

Starting today you can officially take home Sony’s twisted thriller, Escape Room, on Blu-ray and DVD!

Escape Room is about a group of six strangers who must work together to survive a series of life-threatening obstacle courses. What initially seems like an integrative and immersive experience quickly spirals into a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse.

If you missed the film while it was in theaters, now is your chance to grab a copy of it and enjoy it at home. I highly recommend checking it out. I didn’t have high expectations given it’s early January release date but I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of Escape Room.

Considering real-life escape rooms are all the rage these days, it was fantastic to see a high-octane, cut-throat horror take on the concept.

Escape Room artwork – Courtesy of Sony

If you are a fan of the film, you won’t want to miss out on owning a physical copy of the film. The Blu-ray and DVD are filled with a nice arrangement of special features to take you behind-the-scenes of Escape Room.

Complete list of special features

  • Alternate Ending & Alternate Opening
  • Deleted Scenes
    • Ben Liquor Store
    • Jason Motorcycle
    • Mirror Flashback
    • Jason Office
    • Technician and Zoey
    • Gaslight
  • Four Featurettes
    • Games, Set, Match
    • The Lone Survivors
    • Would You Ever Part 1 & 2

I was pretty impressed with the film’s offerings. The behind-the-scenes featurettes were a highlight, with interviews from both cast and crew. The film didn’t use CGI for its effects, instead opting for elaborate sets and production design.

Next. Interview with Escape Room composer John Carey. dark

I wish some of the interviews had been a little longer so we could have actually seen the process that went into creating the sets but I’m happy we got to hear from the director and the designer about the decisions they made to bring the film and these “escape rooms” to life.

Will you buy Escape Room on Blu-ray or DVD? Did you enjoy the movie? What were your favorite moments from the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Escape Room is available to take home on Blu-ray, DVD or digital today!