Chambers: 5 reasons you need to watch Netflix’s new horror series

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Chambers – Pictured (L-R): Marcus LaVoi as Big Frank Yazzie, Sivan Alyra Rose as Sasha Yazzie – Photo Courtesy of Netflix Media Center

Chambers is Netflix’s latest surreal, body horror series and it just might become your newest obsession.

Chambers is about a young girl named Sasha who goes into cardiac arrest one night while out with her boyfriend. By the time she is brought to a hospital, it’s too late to save her heart and she necessitates a transplant to stay alive.

In a stroke of fate (or tragedy depending on how you look at it) another girl, Becky, with the same exact blood type, dies simultaneously and becomes Sasha’s heart donor. From the moment Sasha awakens and begins to live her life with Becky’s heart, strange occurrences plague her.

She starts hallucinating, nightmarish visions manifest and follow her, even in her waking hours -= all seemingly tied to the former life of Becky Lefevre. Sasha even adapts the traits of her heart donor, as if their souls were merging into one.

The excellence of Chambers is in its ability to make you deeply uncomfortable. It’s a series that will crawl under your skin and settle in for the long haul. Here are five reasons why it’s a must watch.

5) The cast is phenomenal and diverse

With genre heavyweights like Tony Goldwyn and Uma Thurman, it’s not surprising the series is as good as it is. Goldwyn and Thurman play Ben and Nancy Lefevre, parents of the now deceased Becky. They take a peculiar interest in Sasha now that she has their daughter’s heart. Sasha’s burgeoning relationship with Becky’s family eventually leads her to a frightening discovery.

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Speaking of Sasha, she is played by Sivan Alyra Rose, a newcomer who’s excellent in the leading role. It’s great to see more women of color being cast in main roles, and majority of this show rests on her shoulders. Whether she’s terrified or having a moment of sick fascination in Becky’s death, Rose is more than up to the task.

Joining her is a talented cast of bright up-and-comers. Chambers is the first major acting role for most of the other young actors too. Kyanna Simone Simpson is a stand-out as the loyal and hilarious Yvonne. Lilliya Scarlett Reid plays Becky, and we see her crop up in a number of horrifying hallucinations and nightmares, Nicholas Galitzine plays Elliott Lefevre, the sullen brother of Becky who now has to compete with the shadow of a dead girl, and Griffin Powell-Arcand stars as Sasha’s lovable, compassionate boyfriend, TJ.

Marcus LaVoi also stars as Sasha’s Uncle Frank, a man who has taken care of her since she was young due to her parents not being in the picture. He runs a local exotic fish store called Wet Pets. You might recognize LaVoi from last year’s film, Den of Thieves.