Chambers: 5 reasons you need to watch Netflix’s new horror series

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Chambers – Pictured: Sivan Alyra Rose as Sasha Yazzie – Photo Courtesy of Netflix Media Center

4) Locations and cinematography are captivating

Set in Arizona, Chambers basks in the arid landscape with beautiful sun-soaked shots and camera pans. The first episode features a dust storm, we see first hand how billowing clouds of sand swallow up the Lefevre home and leave a thick coating of red clay behind. Not for one moment can you forget where the locale of this show is because of how much time is spent crafting the world through lingering expositional focus on the environment, the setting sun a ball of fire casting everything in an eerie, dusky glow.

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There’s one scene where we are first introduced to Crystal Valley High School, a rigid line formed by the concrete walkway separates the lush, vivid green lawn with the barren, desolate wasteland on the opposing side. We can see the crisp parallels between Becky’s world of Crystal Valley and Sasha’s home in Cotton Mouth. It encapsulates the opposing world-views of both girls, all told through a crane shot.

When we’re so used to seeing television shows and movies shot in the same places, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, etc. it’s nice to see filmmakers embracing a new locale, especially since this one is so rich in culture that directly relates to the characters Dení heritage.

3) Body horror is intense and makes your skin crawl

Given the subject matter of the series and its medical predilection, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise there is some gnarly body horror. It’s not overabundant, but when it crops up, it will take you by surprise.

There is one scene in particular that occurred during one of Sasha’s hallucinations in the second episode that’s permanently cemented in my brain. I don’t want to spoil but let’s just say you might think twice before you bite your nails again.