Chambers: 5 reasons you need to watch Netflix’s new horror series

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Chambers – Pictured (L-R): Lilliya Scarlett Reid as Becky Lefevre, Sivan Alyra Rose as Sasha Yazzie – Photo Courtesy of Netflix Media Center

2) The plot is interesting and unique

Two souls sharing one host isn’t all that uncommon of a scenario in the horror genre (it’s actually a vaguely similar premise to the early 2019 film, The Prodigy), but the idea of it being tied to an organ transplant and the urban legend of cellular memory, is not something often explored. If you want to do some research about cellular memory, it is a very real theory in the medical and scientific field.

Of course, most scientists don’t believe in the theory or the idea that memories exist in synapses, but you can find plenty of stories and legends around the internet to quench your thirst on the matter if you wish. It composes the entire premise of Chambers, with a strong supernatural twist.

1) It’s genuinely terrifying and the mystery will keep you hooked

One of the most frightening elements of the series are Sasha’s persistent hallucinations and moments of bodily alienation, where it would appear she’s losing touch with herself and inheriting traits exhibited by Becky. But this leads Sasha down a dark path to try and understand the truth behind Becky’s death. There is definitely something strange about the Lefevre family.

What exactly are they hiding? Is Becky an evil presence in Sasha’s life or is she trying to help and guide her towards an answer she couldn’t get while living? You’ll be very shocked by the twists and turns Chambers takes. It’s not a predictable series but it is one that basks in foreshadowing, creating an atmosphere that will make you profoundly uneasy every step of the way.

The complete first season of Chambers will be available to stream on Netflix beginning Apr. 26.

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Are you planning on watching Chambers when it debuts on Netflix? What are your favorite movies and television shows involving hauntings? What about Chambers makes you most excited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!