Stay cool in May with these Netflix streaming additions


It looks like Netflix has some interesting horror, fantasy, thriller and true crime offerings to keep us entertained this month. Let’s dive in and see what new streaming options are available.

May 1:

Munafik 2 – An evil spirit haunts a single mother in a remote village, and preacher Ustaz Adam sets out to save her.

The Final Destination – In the fourth installment of the FD franchise, a student is at a car race with friends, and has a premonition of a deadly crash.

Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer: Season 2 – This true crime series combines re-enactments with real footage to study serial killers.

Gremlins -1984’s surprisingly dark classic introduced us to Gizmo, the adorable mogwai.

May Netflix – Scream – Courtesy Dimension Films

Scream – You gotta love Scream, which made slasher flicks cool again in 1996. Sidney Prescott and her friends are stalked by a killer wielding a knife and wearing a cheesy costume.

Snowpiercer – Based on a graphic novel, Snowpiercer is about survivors of a catastrophic attempt to control climate change. Confined to a constantly moving train, the rich folk travel in the front, and the poor people are in the back, relegated to eating nothing but disgusting protein blocks.  When the less fortunate decide to fight back, things get interesting (and exciting).

Taking Lives – A serial killer takes on the identities of his victims, and Angelina Jolie’s FBI profiler tries to track him down. Ethan Hawke stars as the art dealer she becomes romantically involved with.

The Dark Crystal – Darker than most Frank Oz/Jim Henson works, The Dark Crystal tells the story of a Gelfling named Jen, who goes in search of a missing crystal shard.

Netflix May – Zombieland – Courtesy Columbia Pictures

Zombieland – In this comedy/horror film, the zombie apocalypse is brought about by a mutated strain of mad cow disease. Survivors Columbus, a nerdy college kid trying to get home to his family and Tallahassee, a somewhat anti-social crazy guy who takes pleasure in killing as many zombies as possible meets Wichita and her sister Little Rock. Zombieland is a really fun (and often touching) watch.

May 3:

John Carter – Civil War veteran John Carter somehow ends up on Mars, and becomes a prisoner of its12-foot-tall inhabitants.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile – This film is based on a memoir by Elizabeth Kloepfer, who was Ted Bundy’s girlfriend for several years. Zac Effron stars as Bundy, with Lily Collins appearing as Liz.

Netflix May – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile – Courtesy Netflix

Jo Pil-ho: (Bad Police) The Dawning Rage– In this Korean film, a corrupt cop and a teen work together to get to the bottom of a conspiracy.

Supernatural: Season 14 – The most recent season of the long-running fantasy/horror series sees Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack working to take down Michael.

May 5:

Death House – Wow, this flick is chock-full of horror legends! Dee Wallace, Kane Hodder, Barbara Crampton, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley and Camille Keaton, Sid Haig, Michael Berryman and Felissa Rose are all featured. Inside the “Death House” prison, the power fails, and two agents try to get out while being chased by the inmates. Count me in, based solely on the cast!

Netflix May – Death House – Courtesy Entertainment Factory

May 8:

Lucifer: Season 4 – I love that this series is referred to as an “urban fantasy police procedural comedy-drama.” In the fourth season, Lucifer has to once again deal with Eve.

May 9:

Insidious – A family with a comatose son is tormented by ghosts from “The Further.” This is a great, creepy movie with outstanding visual effects.

May 10:

The Society: Season 1 – When all of the adults in a wealthy town disappear, the remaining teens must create their own society.

May 17:

The Rain: Season 2 – In this Danish series, a virus caused by rain has wiped out most of the population. Siblings Simone and Rasmus finally leave their bunker to search for their father.

See You Yesterday – Two teenage friends and science nerds studying time travel give their skills a whirl when C.J.’s brother is killed by police.

May 23:

Slasher: Solstice – In Slasher’s third season, the killer is disguised as a druid and goes after witnesses who did nothing when a man was killed.

Netflix May – Slasher – Courtesy Chiller Films

May 24:

The Perfection – This one got some buzz when it premiered at Fantastic Fest. Get Out’s Allison Williams is a talented and troubled musician who connects with the new prodigy at her former school. Judging by the trailer, things get very weird.

High Seas: Season 1 -Two sisters on a ship traveling to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940’s are surrounded by unexpected deaths.

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May 28:

Lifechanger – A shape shifter who likes to murder people decides he needs to make things right with his girlfriend.

May 31:

Bad Blood: Season 2 – This series tells the true story of the Rizutto crime family in Montreal.

Killer Ratings (Netflix Original) – This one is based on the true story of a tv host in Brazil, who kills for ratings, then uses his crime series as a cover-up.

When They See Us (Netflix Original) – Here’s another true crime series, dealing with the Central Park Five case. In 2014, five Harlem teens were convicted for the rape of a jogger in a New York City park. After spending years in prison, they were cleared of the charges and sued the city.

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What do you think, horror fans? Which Netflix offerings are you looking forward to the most? Leave your comments below.