Bruce Campbell: Cryptic tweet could yield 3 possibilities for Ash Williams

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3 Possibilities for Ash Williams Projects

Bruce Campbell – Ash vs The Army of Darkness – Courtesy of Mauro Vargas

3. Graphic Novel

In studying Bruce’s picture, the style is very reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Sin City, the live action representation. Actually, this would be a fantastic way to continue the saga of Ash and the Ghostbeaters.

A graphic novel could pick up where the television show left off. Ash and his cyborg sidekick, Lexx are searching the dystopian landscape for his daughter, Brandy, Pablo and Kelly. This would make a great item for collectors.

Plus, the saga could span out over two books. Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Arielle Carver-O’Neill could license their images and fans would be content because they would have the gang back together again.

In this form, readers would be taken into the internal worlds of these characters. They would be able to know their motivations. In a television series or a movie, there really is no room for in depth analyzation since the object is not to bore the audience. Action is the necessary focus for those mediums.

Not only that but since there is no time limit and the focus is usually on one storyline, plots can be more complex and compelling scenarios explored. A graphic novelization of Ash vs Evil Dead could be the way to go.