Don’t go into the woods: Our favorite songs from Harley Poe

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Image courtesy of Harley Poe

In celebration of their new album, “Have a Great Life,” we look back at the best songs from the folk punk band, Harley Poe.

Music is an amazing thing but it seems lately that so much sounds the same and it’s harder to find something you haven’t heard before. Sometimes, though, you come across something new and different and like nothing else.

To me, Harley Poe isn’t new, although they just released a new album called “Have a Great Life” that gets back to the old Harley Poe roots of the past. I have been listening to this dark-themed, folk punk band for many years but there are many whose ears haven’t been blessed by their kicky beats and horror themes. That’s where we come in, to bring you the best songs Harley Poe has released over the years.

Harley Poe is fronted by artist Joseph Whiteford, who writes all music and acts as singer/guitarist.

Don’t Go Into the Woods — Fallen Down

This is one of their more solemn sounding songs where the leading man’s lady has stepped into the woods, only to never return. He regrets letting her go and not telling her to stay out of the woods because young girls go missing. Whether the meaning of this song is literal or metaphorical about a breakup, I’m not sure. Either way, this song tugs at heartstrings and is haunting.

Ouija — Satan, Sex, and No Regrets

I love this song and it is easily one of my favorites from Harley Poe. This song is about someone who brings a Ouija board to a party and tries to connect with someone on the other side. In my interpretation, they are tired of their life as is and wants spirit to possess them and take over their body so they can become one. With lyrics like, “if you were evil, then do evil, if you were good, do you regret it?” My theory may hold water.

Corpse Grindin’ Man — The Dead and the Naked

This is one of the more upbeat songs from Harley Poe with some of the darkest lyrics. This is about a lonely man who just doesn’t get along with the living. That is why he turns to the cemetery to dig himself up a girlfriend who he can finally get along with. “Be dead for me, my baby.”

The Hearse Song — Satan, Sex, and No Regrets

This is a song that some of us will know from childhood, at least I did. “Don’t laugh next time a  hearse goes by for you may be the next to die.” I remember being a kid and singing this song. I learned it somewhere during Halloween one year and, being the spooky thing I was, the song stuck with me. This is a more folksy sounding version for the grown up in us with the same lyrics from childhood.

That Time of the Month — Wretched. Filthy. Ugly.

What’s worse than having your period? How about that time of the month being when you turn into a werewolf instead? This song is about someone who’s girlfriend turns into a murderous werewolf during “that time of the month” and the conflicting feelings on it being sexy and dangerous. He knows one day he may have to put her down, but he is conflicted.

Maria — Wretched. Filthy. Ugly.

Poor Maria, she let in the demon and now she has to deal with it. This song is about possession and how her husband isn’t handling it well. She’s green and she keeps peeing on the floor but her husband loves her anyway. However, one day Maria may end up killing him. This is one of their most upbeat songs and you will find you snapping your fingers along immediately.