Time traveler from 2028 captures photo of T-Rex from 66 million years ago


A time traveler from 2028 has come back to 2019 to show us what dinosaurs looked like 66 million years ago. He also reveals that we have known how to manipulate other dimensions since 1981! Believe it or not…

A time traveler from the year 2028 was recently captured on camera in an interview with Apex TV. While this in and of itself is hard to believe, he has proof that he visited Earth 66 million years ago. He claims to have taken a photograph of a T-Rex!

While his identity remains a mystery, he had plenty of revelations for the paranormal channel. According to The Express , not only did he talk about his trip but he explained how he is able to visit different periods of history as well as the fact that we have been time traveling since 1981.

Apparently, his time machine is a sphere. The traveler explained that it is balanced on the ground. When he enters the vessel and turns it on, it starts rotating very quickly emitting a bright, white light. At that point, he is leaving the current dimension and entering a parallel universe in a different timeline.

This description reminded me of the movie Contact with Jodie Foster. In this Robert Zemeckis film, Foster’s character has been given a blueprint from an alien race for a machine that will help her travel to the Vega galaxy via a wormhole. Much like what the gentleman above is describing, this particular method involves generating enough power to reach the speed of light.

Time Traveler – Sphere Machine from Contact – Courtesy of © Photo by Jessie Eastland

But is this even possible? If we have had the technology since 1981, why didn’t someone spill the beans already? According to Apex’s anonymous source, in the year 2028, the world will find out that time travel exists.

Who Pays for All of This?

At first, it will be expensive. Only extremely wealthy individuals will be able to afford such an adventure. But it will be made available to the masses. How will this be accomplished? Well, in the future, everyone has a “Universal” income. This is an allotment of $4,000 per month based on whatever your country’s currency is.

In order to travel through time, Mr. 2028 states that you can only do so by going to a “time agency.” Think of it as a travel agency with stringent rules. One of the critical guidelines is never visit past relatives.

If you don’t adhere to that law, you would create a paradox. What is a paradox? This is where the movie idea of not changing past events to alter the future comes in. If you do not abide by this construct then you risk punching a hole in spacetime.

Let’s just state that if this rule is broken, time cops can travel through other dimensions like bounty hunters to find you. Once they do, you will go to prison. Sounds very serious…

Is This Even Possible?

Now that we understand the rules and how our guide went backwards in time to 66 million years ago, we are ready to take a look at the T-Rex. The traveler tells us that those species of dinosaur were like big birds with colorful feathers.

As it just so happens, the one in his picture is purple in color. The interesting part about the idea of whether or not T-Rex had feathers is still being debated on in the scientific community.

Time Traveler – Purple TRex- Courtesy of Apex TV and Daily Express

This photo is clearly CGI and not really well-done. Nice attempt though, creating a shadow for the creature. It is obvious that time travel is a fascinating subject but is it something that we can feasibly look forward to in the distant future?

Physics professor, Gaurav Khanna of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth states that traveling into the future is theoretically possible.

"“If we could travel close to the speed of light, or in the proximity of a black hole, time would slow enabling us to travel arbitrarily far into the future.”"

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As for traveling into the past? That is more uncertain. For now, it is nothing more than pure science fiction.

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