Twin Peaks: Dreamy limited event series soundtrack drops on May 9


Twin Peaks limited event series soundtrack drops on May 9 at Mondo Tees. Now, you can feel like you are at the Bang Bang Bar doing your best Audrey Horne dance to some dreamy tunes.

Twin Peaks was an “event” series when it debuted in 1990. 27 years later, the public welcomed David Lynch’s special brand of weirdness once again with open arms. Although Season 3 ended two years ago, Mondo’s Death Waltz Recording company will be making the dreamy soundtrack available for sale on May 9.

Per the press release, Head of Music Spencer Hickman, had this to say about the music direction for the Showtime production:

"“Angelo Badalamenti returned to score the show with help from David Lynch and Johnny Jewel (The Chromatics) and the results are incredible.”"

Lynch fans can attest to the truth in his statement. Badalamenti started his partnership with the ethereal director in 1987 with Blue Velvet. Together they have created some very inventive and experimental soundtracks utilizing not only traditional orchestration but industrial and ambient noises as well.

The Twin Peaks limited event series soundtrack features Badalamenti’s iconic theme song, “Falling” but also several David Lynch numbers as well. Did you ever think you would be creeped out by a cover of The Guess Who’s,” American Woman?” Well, the Muddy Magnolias (David Lynch Remix) complete with pounding hammers and a super slow vocal track does the trick. It is an ear worm that will stick with you for days.

Then you have Lynch and Dean Hurley’s “Slow 30’s Room” which makes you feel like you might be stuck in the Overlook Hotel with Jack Torrance when he goes back in time in The Shining. “Grady Groove” is a super freeform jazz piece which is hypnotic and kind of like being on an acid trip without the LSD.

Twin Peaks – Limited Soundtrack – Records – Courtesy of Mondo

However, I am disappointed that more Chromatics tracks didn’t make it onto this album. Particularly, their song, “Shadow.” When I heard that being played in a scene in the Bang Bang Bar I became obssessed and then it was on heavy rotation on my iPod.

It would’ve been nice to have “She’s Gone Away” from (as David Lynch would call them) “The Nine Inch Nails” too. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Lissie’s beautiful “Wild West.”

Maybe Mondo can add these tunes to another issue in the future. This soundtrack is going to make you relive the best moments from Twin Peaks the limited series event all over again.

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Mark your calendars for May 9 and visit Mondo Tees to grab your copy when this incredible album drops.

Are you a Twin Peaks fan? What’s your favorite David Lynch film? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.