The Lost Boys series pushed back as CW orders reshooting of pilot


To the surprise of no one, CW’s The Lost Boys series has been pushed back, with the network ordering a reshoot of the pilot.

The film industry has the “remakes and reboots” trend, and the TV/streaming world has the “spinoffs and adaptations” trend. Sad but true, and The Lost Boys falls into the latter.

Joel Schumacher’s horror comedy classic is one of those movies that holds a special place in the hearts of horror (and non-horror) fans all over the world. Like many other titles in the genre, it had its dose of comic books to expand on the story and direct-to-video sequels that (understandably) not many remember.

The world of The Lost Boys is far from over as CW has been developing a series based on the movie we all know and love, with some changes here and there. But the TV industry is merciless, and can either order, cancel or push back any project as they desire, and today was the turn of The Lost Boys.

According to Deadline, CW has picked only three of its six pilots to series, and The Lost Boys is not part of the list. Batwoman, Katy Keene, and Nancy Drew are the lucky titles to be picked, with Glamorous and Jane the Novela sitting next to The Lost Boys as the rejected ones… for now, at least.

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In the case of The Lost Boys, not all hope is lost. Deadline reports that, while the network loved Heather Mitchell’s script, things didn’t come together when shooting the pilot, thus ordering a reworked pilot that could require some recasting. Some current cast members are Tyler Posey (playing Michael), Kiele Sanchez (Lucy, Michael and Sam’s mother), Haley Tju (Mollie, the series’ version of Star), and Sarah Hay and Cheyenne Haynes as the “Frog Sisters,” Liza and Cassie.

The basic plot for the series is the same as the movie’s, with Lucy moving to Santa Carla with her two sons and an underground vampire gang that likes to create trouble. The problem with the pilot might not be so much the story or idea, but a bunch of other factors like chemistry between actors (and production crew too), directing or maybe there were too many things happening in a short amount of time that work in paper but not onscreen.

A The Lost Boys series sounded exciting at first (at least to me), but it has been in development for so long and without results (now adding this reshooting of the pilot), that I’m kinda starting to lose interest. Still, a part of me remains hopeful that we will at least get to see a couple of episodes someday.

We will keep you posted on any news and details regarding the reshooting of the pilot and the future of the The Lost Boys series.

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