Stephen King: Eyes of the Dragon series in development at Hulu


Because there’s no such thing as too much Stephen King, another novel by the master of horror is getting the TV series treatment. Are you ready for Eyes of the Dragon?

We all know Stephen King for his mastery at horror storytelling and for being the source of many of our nightmares (listen, I can’t be the only one on that), but let us not forget that he has also written some works that are not exactly horror oriented, like the fantasy novel The Eyes of the Dragon.

Deadline reports that Hulu has won the rights to develop a pilot based on King’s novel, with Seth Grahame-Smith (The Lego Batman Movie) in charge of penning the first episode and serving as showrunner. If all goes as planned, we will have a full series in a near future. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a fantasy world of this type, created by Stephen King, materialized?

Grahame-Smith shared:

"“I am so excited to be working in the world of Stephen King with Hulu, which has such a terrific track record with Stephen King adaptations. The goal for this series is to feel unlike any Stephen King adaptation before, with this rich underlying source material, and the only true fantasy book he wrote that has kings and swords and princesses. We will honor the spirit of the book and the legacy”"

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King’s work has been adapted to movies and TV series for years now, but it seems like there has been a wave of King adaptations lately, which is not a bad thing, especially because they have been quite good. But it might be a good moment to take a break from horror and instead adapt something more on the fantasy/epic side, with magicians, kings, and mystery, so why not giving Eyes of the Dragon a chance?

The Eyes of the Dragon was first published in 1984, and the story takes place in the fictional realm of Delian, within the land of In-World, which is a part of All-World from King’s The Dark Tower (everything is connected here too). It follows Flagg, King Roland’s manipulative magician, who frames the prince for poisoning his father. Little does he know, the youngest prince witnessed the murder of the king and the frame-up of his brother. And that’s just a small part of the story.

Sounds exciting? Of course it does. I just have one simple, easy, harmless request: stop calling it “the new Game of Thrones”. Seriously.

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There are no further details on this Eyes of the Dragon adaptation, but we will keep you posted as they come.