Travel Channel: Chuck Zukowski and his team explore the Alien Highway


Chuck Zukowski has been following the Alien Highway for over three decades. Now, he is taking his expertise and his team on the road for his new Travel Channel series.

Travel Channel embarks on Alien Highway with Chuck Zukowski, a former law enforcement officer in Colorado turned UFO-Paranormal investigator. The skill set that he acquired while being on the job serve him well as he delves into fringe topics with just the right amount of skepticism.

At present, Zukowski is the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Deputy Director of Mutilation Investigations. For years, he studied cattle and horse mutilations in Colorado as well as other parts of the country. His research into this phenomenon yielded an interesting concept which is known as the Paranormal Highway of America Theory.

This came about after Zukowski began noticing that most mutilations and UFO sightings occur on the 37th parallel. Also known as the UFO Highway, these hot spots can be found on the borders of Utah and Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico as well as Kansas and Oklahoma.

Just exactly what do you find along this particular latitude? Area 51 and the rumored Dulce, NM underground base are just some of the locations on this stretch of road. Zukowski’s theory was highlighted on the Science Channel series, The Unexplained Files in 2014.

Alien Highway – Daniel Zukowski-Heather Taddy-Chuck Zukowski – Courtesy of Travel Channel

Now, according to the press release from Travel Channel, (which is fast becoming the home of paranormal television) Zukowski and his team will be embarking on a new adventure for the network. Alien Highway is set to premiere on June 12 at 10:00 p.m.

Joining Chuck on his quest to uncover proof that UFOs exist and are frequently found along the highway’s various locations, are his son, Daniel and Heather Taddy. Fans of A & E’s Paranormal State will definitely remember Heather as the documentarian for the group.

She will be performing that same function for Zukowski on Alien Highway. Chuck’s son, Daniel also has a background in law enforcement as well as the military. He has assisted his father before on investigations and he will be able to help identify different types of technology that our armed forces currently possess.

The first episode of Alien Highway has the team tackling the famous Skinwalker Ranch in Hunt for the Skinwalker. What Native Americans believed to be a malevolent witch who can turn into various animals at will may turn out to be alien in nature.

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Tune into Travel Channel’s new series starting Wednesday, June 12 at 10 p.m.

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