Netflix: What are the goriest moments from Slasher: Solstice?

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Slasher: Guilty Party – Photo Courtesy of Netflix Media Center

Netflix’s horror series, Slasher, returns with its third season and the goriest one yet. We’re ranking all the Druid kills right here.

This past weekend, Netflix released the new season of its horror series, Slasher. This season was titled, Slasher: Solstice and it focuses on a serial killer known as the Druid. They wore a black cloak and a light-up mask, worthy of a crazy rave, which is what the “Solstice” part of the title is in reference to.

Slasher: Solstice is easily the goriest and most creative in terms of the violence than the past two seasons, so I decided to rank the Druid’s kills from least gory and creative to most!

The following article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Slasher: Solstice, do not read if you haven’t finished watching the season.

There are a few deaths I didn’t include, only because they weren’t murdered by the Druid. Some characters were killed by other characters or died from injuries not technically inflicted by the Druid.

11) Kit

It’s the death that starts all of this. Kit was a heavy partier with a sex addiction. He was murdered in the street following the annual Solstice party. His death connected all the characters of the series in some way or fashion. Though we learn the real reason he was killed was because of how he treated Jen and Connor’s mother.

For the first murder of the show, Kit’s death was pretty tame. He was stabbed several times and hit by a car, all while still wearing his Solstice horns! But the impact came more from the introduction of the Druid than the gore.

10) Charlie

Dude, Charlie was one of the worst characters and yet his death was so tame compared to everyone else. He got a giant blade shoved down his throat, gross, yes, creatively brutal? Not really.

Charlie’s death was boring and forgettable but he was a monster who should have had the drawn-out death much nicer characters suffered.

9) Frank

This was one of the most surprising deaths because the Druid attacked Frank in broad daylight. Not only does he get killed with an ax, but repeatedly gets struck with the weapon.

Eventually, his head is cut off and shoved on the top of a car like a hood ornament. It’s pretty rough, especially as the first murder in the present timeline that shows the Druid is back in action. It definitely sets a brutal tone for how crazy the murders would be for this season. Considering the guy was abusive, I can’t say I felt too bad.

8) Xander

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Even though Xander was a total tool, he didn’t deserve to die the way he did. The Druid attacked him while he was closing up his coffee shop with a glass cylinder that once held coffee beans. He is savagely stabbed and beaten with the glass canister and then has it shoved down his throat.

On top of that, the Druid pours boiling hot kettle water down the tube! Then, to top it all off, he hooks up the tube connecting to the coffee dispenser and a homeless man inadvertently pours himself a piping hot cup of blood.

7) Joe

I feel bad for Joe, yes he was an adulterer but he was struggling to figure out his sexuality and, to be fair, his wife, Violet, was a heartless monster who cared far more about her follower count than basic human decency.

The Druid forces Violet to stab him repeatedly in the penis and he bleeds out and dies. Technically, his death is worse than Violet’s but was faster and to the point in comparison to…