Netflix: What are the goriest moments from Slasher: Solstice?

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6) Violet

…the drawn-out knife through skull technique Violet got. I knew she would end up dying but I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did. I’m pretty convinced Violet was something of a sociopath with her gleeful posting of suicide videos on her website and how cruel she could be to increase her online presence.

Still, her death made me cringe. The Druid shoves a knife through her skull from the middle of her head, you can hear the bone crack and everything.

5) Amy

Another character who didn’t deserve such an awful death. Amy’s story was seriously sad. She had already seen so much trauma with her life from losing her parents in a violent car crash.

Then she gets killed by the Druid when they drill a massive bit through her forehead, all the way in and out. I’ll never look at power tools the same way.

4) The Detectives

I grouped these two together because they were both pretty equally brutal. The male detective had his face shoved into the electrical blades of a blender. We were forced to watch as he was chopped up and decimated by the Druid into a blood smoothie!

Then, the poor woman, she was axed to death but like…way past the point of necessity. Connor bludgeoned her repeatedly until her face was a bloody cavern. He had brain matter clinging to his face and skull in the aftermath!

3) Cassidy

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She was another one who had it coming. Cassidy was a violent racist, just like her father. She attacked Saadia in school and forcefully ripped off her hijab after blaming her for Frank’s death. Her life doesn’t last long after that. Cassidy gets her face shoved into a toilet bowl filled with bleach.

Her entire face melts off as she perishes and then her body is shoved in an overhead air duct for hours until someone finds her. I cringed at the face-melting portion of this death. Even though Frank’s was rough, this was the murder that made me think, “Wow, this season of Slasher is not messing around.”

2) Noelle

I’m still a tad confused about Noelle’s death but she was murdered by someone, either the Druid or the false Druid, Wyatt.

Regardless, she was knocked out while at a park, had her face duct-taped inside a plastic bag, strung up from a tree, and then had her throat slit so all the blood would pool and gather inside said bag. Yikes.

1) Kaili

Oh my god, this death was rough. It has to be at the top of the list for the sheer creativity and the fact Kaili did not deserve this AT ALL. Why did she get such a bad death in comparison to some of the truly vile characters on this show? Also, I love Erin Karpluk I wish she would have lasted longer!

As a biology teacher, I guess it was “fitting” that Kaili was dissected on the table like a frog. Slasher shows the Druid cutting her open with a scalpel in explicit detail. Then, to make matters even worse, he cracks her ribs open with a giant pair of shears! Afterward, he/she (not sure if Jen or Connor was responsible for this one) takes out her organs and leaves Kaili’s body vivisected on the table for the detectives to find. Gross.

All three seasons of Slasher are now available on Netflix.

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