Bruce Campbell: Just messing around or is Ash Williams in MK 11?


Bruce Campbell did another one of his cryptic tweets last night. This time telling his followers that “Mortal Kombat 11 looks like a swell game – I’ll have to check it out!” Well, he originally denied the DLC leak last month but the trailer might tell another story.

Bruce Campbell keeps his fans and journalists like myself on their toes. Frankly, you never know what to expect but that is part of the game. Speaking of game, last night, the actor issued another one of his cryptic teasing tweets designed to make people scratch their heads or get worked up into a frenzy.

Mortal Kombat 11 made its official announcement yesterday about the characters that will be featured in the Kombat pack. Interestingly enough, Shang Tsung has been confirmed as being in the game when a few months back, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa swore that he wasn’t going to be voicing the character he made famous.

Last month, we reported that there was a possibility that Ash Williams would be featured in MK11 based off of Switch leaked files that came from user LeoNatan on Reddit. After the media went crazy and articles started appearing all over the place speculating on whether or not the iconic chainsaw wielding character would be available in the game, Bruce took to Twitter and dashed Evil Dead fans hopes.

So, everyone assumed the case was closed, including myself.

That is until the MK 11 Kombat Pack tweet dropped and then this happened:

Honestly, I laughed out loud and thought, here we go again! But after viewing the trailer and knowing Bruce Campbell’s glee at messing around with his fanbase, I hit the pause button and remembered that he has done this sort of promotion before and it just might be true.

At the end of the trailer, you can clearly hear a chainsaw in the background and then you see blood splatter. Leatherface is already in the game and the only character that was mentioned in the leak that could run a piece of equipment like that is…Ash Williams. Not to mention shortly after that bit of business, the theme to Terminator is played and that character was also in the Switch leaks.

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Just to see what others were thinking, I hopped on Reddit and the consensus is that Campbell’s character will show up. Game Rant mentions that two more guests will be added to MK11’s Kombat Pass but the reveal date at present, is unknown.

Newsweek seems to think Ash is on his way as well. In recent interviews for Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, the actor has stated that there will be a fully immersive VR game coming within the year and many other Evil Dead incarnations are on the way.

So, based on the “evidence,” I am going to go out on a limb and predict that we probably will see Ash Williams voiced by Bruce Campbell in MK11. Check out the trailer and draw your own conclusions.

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If this happens, it will definitely be “Groovy!”

Do you think Bruce Campbell was promoting Ash Williams’ appearance in MK 11 or is he just fooling around? Let us know what you think in the comments. We want to hear from you.