Dana DeLorenzo interview: Perpetually graceful and gloriously candid

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Dana DeLorenzo – When Kelly Met Ash 2 – Courtesy of Dana DeLorenzo – Facebook

Ode to Fandom

1428 Elm: Your fans are extremely loyal and will watch whatever you do.

DD: The fans I interact with on social media and meet at conventions have enriched my life beyond what I can even express. I mean that sincerely.

Initially I was worried that they weren’t going to accept sidekicks like Pablo and Kelly. But they absolutely did, and continue to rally behind us!  The fans lifted my spirits when I needed it most.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who got me through this very difficult last year after my Mom passed away. Your love and support moved me beyond belief and didn’t go unnoticed. Ghostbeaters for life!

And a special thank you to you, Susan, and everyone at 1428 Elm. You have been so kind to me, every step of the way, since our very first interview way back when and it means the world to me.  I always love talking to you, thank you for your perpetual — see what I did there? — support!