Time traveler from 2075 warns that Los Angeles will be destroyed


A time traveler from 2075 has come back to the past to let us know what to expect in the future. He warns us that the city of Los Angeles will be destroyed in the year 2063.

A time traveler named Kasper has come back to 2019 to tell us what we can expect in the year 2075. Apex TV reportedly shot the video in Los Angeles because Kasper was here on a mission gathering information about the city for his work with the help of cameras, 3D scanners and sonar equipment.

One of the items that he is quick to point out on his agenda is that time travel will be made available to the public in 2028. At present, our government knows how to do this but hasn’t made the general public aware of it. In order to traverse through the generations, one must get a chip embedded in their wrist so there is no need for a machine or a cumbersome vehicle like a TARDIS.

As a society, we also need to prepare for first contact with aliens. They are definitely coming our way. According to Kasper, their arrival will make us join forces globally. We will forget our differences with other cultures. This will result in us eventually having the same religion as well as the same language in the future because there will be no more barriers.

If we have ever wondered about becoming one with technology, that is also on the way. In 2075, everyone will start uploading their brains to the internet. In all honesty, this is his most terrifying prediction. Do we really want everyone’s collective thoughts being out there for public consumption and access? Assuming this would ever come to fruition.

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In some ways, the future sounds very utopian. Diseases are under our control. While all of this is positive for the most part, Kasper does give a dire warning to the City of Angels. According to Express UK, a great flood will destroy the city in 2063 putting it underwater like what is featured in John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A.

Perhaps this flood will be the result of a mega storm which would cause the city’s many dams to overflow or a catastrophic earthquake could cause L.A. to become besieged by water. Either is a scary proposition.

Most of these predictions for the future seem plausible with the keyword being “seem.” However, at present, I have to remain a tad bit skeptical of time travel. However, Neil deGrasse Tyson explains:

"“Time has multiple, sort of, parallel rates at which it flows, depending on the state of who’s making the measurement and the state of who’s in motion, and what conditions they are in.”"

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So, if time can be stretched like what Tyson is intimating, maybe Kasper might be on to something…

Do you think time travel is possible? What do you think of the predictions from Kasper the time traveler from 2075? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.