Midsommar: Jordan Peele gives high praise to Ari Aster followup


With Ari Aster’s Hereditary followup fast approaching, emerging horror icon Jordan Peele is showering the director’s second picture with many accolades. It’s summer time…

The rise of Ari Aster continues…

According to Entertainment Weekly, everyone is digging Midsommar. With Aster’s Hereditary followup arriving in less than a month, the filmmaker is getting praise from the new king of horror. From the pages of the upcoming Fangoria, Jordan Peele, hot off the success of Us, is giving extreme praise to Midsommar. If you were on the fence about the upcoming pagan horror offering, the Key and Peele actor ready to put those fears to rest.

Here’s what the current Twilight Zone narrator is saying about A24’s upcoming release:

"“I’m a staunch believer that audiences are so accustomed to claustrophobic, dirty horror movies that situate them in places they wouldn’t elect to be, that the innate slickness of Hereditary and the sheer vacation that Midsommar provides, to me, is a recipe for, “I want to go see that movie.” So actually, I think that’s a really commercially savvy choice. When I texted you after the screening, I wrote, “I think you’ve made the most idyllic horror film of all time.” You’ve taken Stepford Wives and shattered the attractiveness of that movie with this one. That alone is a feat. Also, there are some obvious comps out there, but this movie is just so unique. This hasn’t existed yet, and anything after Midsommar is going to have to contend with it. I mean, this usurps The Wicker Man as the most iconic pagan movie to be referenced.”"

Aster, who’s becoming a horror force in his own right, responds with:

"“Gosh. Well, thank you. It’s funny, because I guess it does belong to the folk horror space. But I guess what it’s trying to do is establish footing on that path, and then proceed in a way that is anathema to what you’re expecting. It’s funny, because somebody sent me an article: “The Films That Will Be Referenced By Midsommar, and How Midsommar Will Fit Into The Folk Horror Space.” I really hope that by the time we’re on our way towards the ending, I hope that it enters some new territory. I’ve been asked, “What is it?” and I’ve been happy saying it’s a breakup movie dressed in the clothes of a folk horror film.”"

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I’m inclined to agree with Peele — idyllic backdrops invite unwitting audiences into a story they never expected. Assumptions can be a killer…

After the stunning brilliance of Hereditary, looking forward to anything Aster is a given. While rushing to judgements should be met with caution, Midsommar’s new trailer is a solid view into the window of doom coming. A new era of The Wicker Man is coming…and there’s a new master to help usher it in. Are you ready to enjoy your summer?

Midsommar stars Florence Pugh, Will Poulter and Jack Reynor. Ari Aster directs a screenplay by Aster. B-Reel Films and Parts and Labor produce, with A24 distributing. The pagan madness arrives July 3, only in theaters.

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