Bruce Campbell: 5 future projects that we hope will happen

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Bruce Campbell -Ash vs Evil Dead – Prom Night Massacre – Courtesy of STARZ

5. A Different Kind of Horror Movie

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Isn’t he moving on from doing live action in films like The Evil Dead franchise? Yes. However, when he appeared on Eli Roth’s History of Horror podcast, he expressed an interest in returning to his roots.

Bruce is keen on doing a movie in the genre where it all began for him. In his words:

"“I’d love to tell a simple horror story.  One person in a room just to see if it could be pulled off. It would be really creepy. Simple horror but sophisticated at the same time.”"

That idea is unique and if executed properly could be a resounding success. Take Mike Flanagan’s Gerald’s Game as an illustration of Bruce’s concept. This movie was one of the best psychological horror films in recent decades.

Carla Gugino, who portrays the central character of Jessie takes a trip into paranoia as she tries to stave off death while chained to a bed after her husband dies. It is harrowing subject matter.

What Campbell is proposing could turn out to be very Hitchcockian, indeed. The challenge would be to have enough action so that it wouldn’t turn into a film solely filled with internal monologues.

Would we like to see the actor in front of the camera? While that would be nice, personally, I would like to see him pen the script and direct the production perhaps appearing in a smaller role. If Bruce would undertake something like this, I think it would definitely be worth the price of admission.