Bruce Campbell: 5 future projects that we hope will happen

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Bruce Campbell – 5 Future Projects – Courtesy of Fake Shemps website

4. Brilliant Farce

Last year, when I spoke to Bruce at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, we had discussed some of the stories that he wants to tell. It is no big surprise that he has in his arsenal of potential scripts, “silly comedies.” As most fans of the actor know, he got his start acting/writing/directing Super-8 shorts which were basically modeled after The Three Stooges films.

So, this isn’t really a revelation because most of his productions with Sam Raimi had elements of humor in them. Even if they dealt with disturbing subject matter like killing your friends in a cabin in the woods because they were all possessed.

If you have ever seen him on talk shows or in interviews or at cons, you know he is quick-witted. Quips are second nature to him.

At this stage in his career, it might be fun to see him tackle a role similar to Dabney Coleman’s in 9 to 5 or even a Steve Martin type turn in Parenthood. Or even better, maybe like Stanley Tucci and Oliver Platt, he could attempt a farce like The Impostors with Ted Raimi as his partner in crime. Sign me up for that one!