Bruce Campbell: 5 future projects that we hope will happen

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Bruce Campbell 2 – 5 Future Projects – Courtesy of Mail Tribune

3. Bruce’s Unforgiven

Also, in my chat with the actor at HorrorHound, he revealed that he was working on a western. Everyone would love to see him saddle up again as Brisco County Jr. While that would be amazing, I would like to see him go dark.

Maybe pull a Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West and become a little dangerous and psychotic. Have him be the man in black and tear up a town for a change of pace.

He could also tackle a role like Gary Cooper’s in High Noon. A man of principle who has to face a fate that could result in his death.

Perhaps he has a checkered past and is trying to live a quiet life but gets pulled into picking up his gun again when his daughter is taken hostage by his former gang. A plot similar to John Ford’s The Searchers would definitely be a showcase for his acting ability.

For whatever reason, this era seems to fit his persona like a glove. Maybe he could also be behind the camera as well. If he wanted to, he could even combine this genre with comedy and do what James Garner did with Support Your Local Gunfighter. He does play a con man rather well.

This is the genre that I would like to see him venture into again. Maybe that will happen…