Ghost released Chapter VII: New World Redro and we are crying laughing


This morning, Ghost released a new video called “Chapter VII: New World Redro” with some intense horror movie vibes and we are digging it.

“There’s gotta be a gas leak.”

It has been barely over a year since Ghost released Chapter I: New Blood was released announcing Cardinal Copia and months since Chapter VI: The Visit was released so fans have been excited for a new video and we finally got one. Based on past interviews, we all  know that Tobias Forge is a huge fan of horror movies but if there was any question, Chapter VII: New World Redro proves it.

Normally the videos that are released show some information: new leader, new tour dates etc. This one, it seems, was just for fun. You could tell everyone was having a blast with this. New World Redro features our favorite Cardinal riding a tricycle through the ministry. Immediately I knew we were having a Shining moment and it just got better.

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As Cardinal rides gleefully through the halls, Paha Nihil sits at his desk typing and hallucinating. “All work and no play makes Papa Nihil a bad dad.” Cardi C continues through the halls and comes upon two adorably ghoulish children who shout “REDRO” at him a bit and he says the hilarious closing line and that was it. It was one of the best and funniest videos they have ever released. We even had a little cameo from young Papa Nihil (Justin Andrews).

Tobias Forge is one hilarious man and he is really showing that off with these Ghost Chapter videos. He had talked about the fact that if he wasn’t in music, he would love to make movies and these videos give him the opportunity to do just that. They are some of the most entertaining short videos that are coming out and my only complaint is that they aren’t longer. I have so much fun watching these and I know the other fans feel the same way.

Check out the Chapter VII video and if you haven’t seen the previous chapters, we have covered all of those too, so go peruse. I can’t wait to see what more that Ghost and Forge has up their sleeves for future video because this was one hell of a treat.

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Fan of the insanely awesome Ghost? What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments!