Dinner with Leatherface: Michael Kallio’s saga to honor Gunnar Hansen

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Michael Kallio – Mutant Swinger from Mars – Courtesy of Michael Kallio


1428 Elm: Talk to us about what the future holds for you.

MK: The future? World domination? I kid… sort of. I have a few projects I’m writing for Bruce right now, one we started talking about back in 1996. They’re all different and being kept secret… FOR now but, I MIGHT be coaxed down the line to spill some beans if they get off the ground, which I hope they will.

I’m finishing up the reconstruction of my first two features, the psychological thriller “Hatred of a Minute” and 50’s sci-fi spoof, “Mutant Swinger from Mars” and all the new and old special features for said films for Blu Ray release.

Finishing a short/proof-of-concept film called “Aftermath” that I want to submit to festivals and use to pitch as a TV series. I’m also in the beginnings of pitching another television show, “Here Comes the Night” which is a H.P. Lovecraft/X-Files-like show that revolves around the music industry that I’m co-writing and co-producing with partners Bruce Edward Walker and Bryan Hayward Randall. We have some pretty spectacular, well-known actors who are interested and have the script, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

There are a few other projects of mine floating around as well, in hopes that one of them gets green lit but only the FUTURE knows for sure. We shall see what happens but stay tuned because I’m sure it will be VERY exciting.

“Dinner with Leatherface” teaser trailer (rough)- The Life of Original Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen from Michael Kallio on Vimeo.

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1428 Elm: We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us, Michael.

MK: THANK YOU for the interview! I feel loved again! LOL!

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