Swamp Thing: Episode 3 proves Alec can still speak


The third episode of Swamp Thing proves that Alec is still capable of speech and reveals some of Avery Sunderland’s dirty secrets.

Week three of Swamp Thing begins to show us what Alec is capable of as Swamp Thing. He and Abby are finally able to talk, even in his altered state. A new threat rises from out of the swamp and the CDC makes a breakthrough in the disease infecting half the town.

Most importantly, this episode begins to shed light on all the problems plaguing the Sunderland family. What’s that expression? “More money, more problems.” Well that’s exactly the issue Avery Sunderland is being faced with right now.

Back From The Dead

The man Alec killed last week, Munson, is reanimated in this episode of Swamp Thing. Not as a human being but as an insect-ridden, zombified corpse. Abby is almost killed by Munson while investigating Alec’s lab. Thankfully, Swamp Thing comes to the rescue once again, and this time he asks for the Green to release Munson to let him pass on.

Alec’s decision is an important one because it shows his connection to the swamp is about more than just his physicality. There is a clear mental link as well.

We also learn he can speak, and is still very much Alec Holland. He gives Abby an important clue about how to fight the strange green flu. She has become more desperate than ever now that her friend Harlan has joined the ranks of the infected. With Alec’s advice, Abby realizes the virus is “fighting back” and switches everyone from antibiotics to immuno-suppressants. It’s a win for the CDC. The patients begin to recover.

As a celebration for her victory, Abby shares a sweet dance with Matt at the local bar, Alec looks on from the swamp.

Swamp Thing — Ep. 103 — “He Speaks“ — Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Avery Sunderland’s Woes

Turns out, Avery Sunderland is up to his ears in debt. He has a local loan man named Gordon after him for the money he owes. But Avery Sunderland isn’t the type of man to take kindly to threats.

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We finally see the true dark side of Avery when he murders Gordon in his own home by bludgeoning him to death with a golf club in his bathtub. Before he can leave, Liz, the local reporter, shows up on Gordon’s porch to follow up on a lead. Avery watches her through the peephole. Uh-oh. Liz might wind up in Avery’s crosshairs and that is clearly not a place you want to be.

And in terms of Avery’s marriage, things aren’t going any better. Avery is paid a visit by the sheriff to see if he has any information on Alec Holland’s death. He claims he doesn’t know anything, but we do learn the sheriff and Avery have been having an affair on and off for many years. He tries to come on to her but she hears Maria in the house and turns him down.

As for Maria, she is still being haunted by the ghost of her daughter, Shawna. She tells her mother that Avery is unfaithful and only keeping her around for her family’s money. Avery drills this point home by asking her for money to pay off his loans. But Maria has had enough. She makes it clear she’s not going to let him use her any longer and this is what spurs Avery to take matters into his own hands.

Odds & Ends

  • In an effort to find out more about Alec’s death, Liz’s girlfriend takes a boat into the swamp. She recovers a piece of his boat from the explosion and notices the bullet holes.
  • There is a short, but likely important, scene between Madame Xanadu and Dan Cassidy towards the end of the episode. Through a tarot reading, she tells him his luck will soon change. In Swamp Thing canon, Dan Cassidy becomes the superhero Blue Devil.
  • Who else thinks Avery won’t be the real big bad of the season? At least, probably not the only one.
  • We also see a little more of Jason Woodrue and get some understanding as to his dedication to this project. His wife is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and he’s desperate for a cure.

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