Myers Monday: Would Ant-Man save The Curse of Michael Myers?


With megastar Paul Rudd known to most as Ant-Man in Marvel’s massive cinematic universe, would the hero have an impact in Halloween’s sixth film?

Welcome back to Myers Monday. We hope you enjoy your trip to Haddonfield…

From Haddonfield to Hero

In 1995, unbeknownst to all working on a little horror sequel, a superhero began emerging. With Dimension Films and Moustapha Akkad diligently working to create the next Halloween, then 25-year old Paul Rudd embarked on a journey that would lead to the most popular film series of all time. Playing Tommy Doyle is one thing, but when you’re tasked with inhabiting the “smallest” hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, things get big pretty fast.

With The Curse of Michael Myers being the actor’s first attempt at the film business, would things be different for the sequel if Tommy Doyle were replaced by the pint-sized hero Ant-Man?

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers– Courtesy of Dimension Films

The Curse of Scott Lang

For those unfamiliar of Marvel’s phenomenal run of films (culminating with the recent Avengers: End Game), Rudd portrays Scott Lang. Once a petty theft, criminal becomes hero through a series of unfortunate, or arguably fortunate, events. After gaining the power of Ant-Man, previous Dr. Hank Pym, Lang can become both big and small. This, of course, is perfect for a variety of situations. But is fighting Michael Myers one of them?

The Small Of It All

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While Tommy Doyle is no doubt a menace with the pipe, the Haddonfield native doesn’t compare to Ant-Man. Within Halloween 6, there are multiple instances where being too small for the naked eye would come in handy.

There’s the moment when Tommy is trying to save Kara, using a fire extinguisher to knock the door knob off and gain access. He’s doing this while being stalked by the Shape, which almost results in a swift death. Had Lang been in that situation, he would have just become small and reached the other side.

Then there’s the moment when they must save Steven towards the end of the sequel. Instead of putting the rest of our core characters in danger, Kara and Danny could have stayed far away while Lang got close to the infant undetected.

Also, there’s the fact that he can grow huge, which would be bad for the Boogeyman. Who’s the Ant-Man now?

Halloween’s Quantum Realm

While Michael Myers has been causing destruction for decades, that history could be changed with the Quantum Realm. Sure, the realm can’t actually change the present by altering the past but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to fight Michael Myers and the druids of Dr. Wynn.

Hypothetically speaking, Lang could go back and grab evidence against Wynn. Placing it where Dr. Loomis could find it, Sam could know what the mad doctor was up to far quicker than receiving a swift hit over the head.

Another example would be to go back to Halloween and ensure Laurie Strode has more to fight with than just a knitting needle. That’s not to say she would use a gun or something deadly, but it may give her a better shot to harm the boogeyman (pun intended). Then again, Tommy may run into his younger self. Back to the Future II anyone?

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you next week in Smith’s Grove.

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