What stalks in your skies: Terror in the Skies review


The cryptid documentary “Terror in the Skies” takes a look at what lurks and stalks the skies over the state of Illinois.

Cryptids are awesome! We love cryptids so much that you can even find them in our favorite video games. Sasquatch gets all the attention as the popular cryptid in school, but there are so many unknown and mysterious creatures in the world and many in our skies. The Mothman, Thunderbirds and more are covered in a new documentary that takes a look at unknown creatures that inhabit the skies over Illinois called Terror in the Skies.

Terror in the Skies is from Small Town Monsters and was written and directed by Seth Breedlove with writing assistance from  Mark Matzke. Lyle Blackburn narrates with a soothing voice on the different encounters that people across the big state of Illinois have had. Apparently the quadrants of the state are so vastly different from each other, they are like different parts of the country, which is pretty fascinating. The film features interviews from Loren Coleman, Ken Gerhard, Allison Jornlin, Chad Lewis, Kevin Nelson and Tobias Wayland.

I’ll be honest, sometimes cryptid documentaries can be as dry as the turkey on Christmas Vacation. They have good intentions but when you try to pack too much information in a short period of time with little entertainment added to it, it feels like a college lecture but not from the fun professor.

Because of my past experiences, I have been a bit jaded with cryptid documentaries. I was so pleasantly surprised by Terror in the Skies that I didn’t expect it. The video and audio quality is wonderful and even though there was a lot of information packed into this documentary, it was always engaging to watch.

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As someone who lives in the Great Plains, it’s really hard to make the area seem interesting and yet, they somehow did it. I am shocked by how much variety the state of Illinois has to offer in terms of flying cryptids. Chicago has even had a rash of sightings of its own Mothman, which probably isn’t great for the city of Chicago if Point Pleasant has any opinion on it. And this documentary has one of the BEST opening and closing sequences that I have ever seen. I just adored it.

All in all, Terror in the Skies was super enjoyable. The documentary doesn’t feel like it drags on and the interviews were entertaining. Small Town Monsters does very well with their cryptid documentaries and Terror in the Skies is the spiritual successor to The Mothman of Point Pleasant.

They are set to release another documentary in 2020 called The Mothman Legacy that will wrap up their Mothman trilogy. After watching Terror in the Skies, it will make you wonder what’s flying in the great blue above your own city.

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You can watch the film now on Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo On Demand, DVD and VIDI Space now. If cryptids are your thing, check out Call of the Cryptid by our own Wade Wainio!

Do you have any famous cryptids from your own area? Let us know in the comments!