Child’s Play becomes more frightening with modern approach


With all due respect to the original Child’s Play, haywire technology is just more frightening than Voodoo. In case you can’t figure it out, there will likely be spoilers beyond this point.

Don’t get me wrong the first three Child’s Play films are classics, and all involved in them deserve our respect. That said, the modern reboot is much more frightening. Voodoo may have been terrifying in 1988, but it’s 2019. The fears of a society change over time. Not many people are afraid of Voodoo in 2019.

It could be because I’m not the most religious or superstitious person. We live in a world relying more and more on technology everyday, so it stands to reason that man made technology coming back to bite us in the butt is more frightening. A soul trapped in one doll can only do so much, but a doll becoming self aware and controlling every aspect of your life, and the devices around you, potentially on a global scale? The vast majority of the population would be screwed.

I know people are going to be stuck in their ways with nostalgic glasses permanently grafted to their head. Don’t worry those films will always exist, it’s okay to like new stuff, I promise. I went into the film with reservations myself.

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Mainly, I was concerned about Aubrey Plaza in one of the lead roles of Karen Barclay. However, I’m happy to say she was incredible. I’ve not seen her in too much admittedly, but what I have seen her in she seems pretty blank and emotionless. However, that changes as she takes on the role of Andy’s mother.

Here’s where I know most people are hung up, yes Brad Dourif is incredible and will always be remembered as Chucky, but Mark Hamill is incredible in his own right as any Batman animated series or Arkhamverse games fan will tell you. He voices The Joker in those if you don’t know, and he makes Chucky his own. It’s a highly enjoyable performance made horrifying by the fact that no matter what the line is he sounds cheerful.

Go into Child’s Play with an open mind and you will love it. If not, well have fun in the past while the rest of us move forward.

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