Evil Dead, It and the 15 greatest horror movie remakes of all-time

Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3.. Courtesy Starz
Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3.. Courtesy Starz /
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Many horror movie fans avoid remakes like the plague but not all of them are terrible. Here are the fifteen greatest horror movie remakes of all time.

Over the last couple of decades, remakes have earned a bad reputation in the film community, particularly among horror movie fans. They’re not wrong for being wary of any new film labeled “remake” since a great many are terrible rehashes of original movies that did everything much better.

But, if you’ve been avoiding remakes all this time you might have missed out on a few genuine gems. Not all remakes are bad, some I daresay, are even better than their original counterparts. Whether it’s because of poor CGI, inadequate budget, or just ill-timing, sometimes older movies have a great story and poor execution.

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Remakes are a great way to give an excellent concept a second chance at life. They can be especially successful if the film can take the original idea and put a modern spin on it. Retain the spirit of the first film but craft it into something new and more suitable for the current era.

We’re taking a look back at all the horror movie remakes that have been made to figure out the crème de la crème. From modern masterpieces like Andy Muschietti’s take on Stephen King’s It to oldie-but-goodies like the John Carpenter version of The Thing, we’re not leaving any stones left unturned.