Evil Dead, It and the 15 greatest horror movie remakes of all-time

Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3.. Courtesy Starz
Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3.. Courtesy Starz /
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12. Child’s Play (2019)

Horror fans have been on edge about the Child’s Play reboot since the idea was first tossed around several years ago. It has taken a long time to finally get this remake to the big-screen due to countless issues behind the scenes.

Notably, people were not happy about the idea of a Child’s Play remake happening without the creator of the franchise, Don Mancini, being part of it. Not only was Mancini left out but the actor best-known for voicing the infamous Chucky doll, Brad Dourif, was also given the boot. Still, the remake is not a bad horror movie whatsoever. In fact, there is a vocal group of fans who find the remake works better than the original.

That’s not to say the first Child’s Play film is any less of a classic; clearly, the franchise will live on in infamy, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the franchise to grow in a new direction. The addition of technology-based feared in the remake allows for the movie to embrace a modern slant.

People love the idea of techno-horror. It’s why Black Mirror is so popular. Making Buddi an android-like doll that goes crazy instead of a doll with a serial killer trapped inside, makes it seem all the more realistic – and therefore terrifying. Plus, Mark Hamill was an excellent casting choice to take over Dourif’s role as the new voice of Buddi.