Close encounters: Top 5 locations in the U.S. for UFO sightings

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Low flying UFO spaceship hovering over a desert dirt road near a telephone pole with a vintage look.

Since tomorrow is World UFO Day, we decided to take a look at the top 5 states with the most Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) sightings. If you are interested in a close encounter, pack your bags!

UFO sightings have always been a hot topic but lately with Navy pilots admitting to having intercepted UAPs and Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge spearheading the movement to get the government to disclose information on these encounters, interest is at an all time high. Plus, the success of television shows like History Channel’s Project Blue Book and Ancient Aliens are proof positive that there is a fascination with the possibility of life on other planets.

Recently, in honor of World UFO Day (July 2), Satellite Internet compiled a list of the top 5 places in the U.S. where you might catch a glimpse of an otherworldly craft. How did they get their data? According to the site:

"“We used data from the National UFO Reporting Center’s online database to get the number of UFO sightings in each state. We then compared each state’s total number of sightings to US census data to find which states have the most UFO sightings per capita.”"

Let’s just say, this list doesn’t contain the usual suspects like New Mexico or Arizona!