Close encounters: Top 5 locations in the U.S. for UFO sightings

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UFO- Alaska – Courtesy of UFOholic

4. Alaska – Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 (1986)

Imagine you are piloting a cargo plane carrying wine and everything is standard operational procedure. Until, out of the blue, 2 unidentified aircraft start trailing you over eastern Alaska. This would be a terrifying scenario. Unfortunately, it actually occurred.

The pilots of this Boeing 747 were definitely not alone in the airspace because a Mothership UFO appeared as well. Requesting confirmation that what they were seeing was indeed unauthorized aircraft sharing their skies, Anchorage Air Traffic Control reached out to a United Airlines flight to get a visual.

A military craft in the vicinity also obliged but by the time the planes were in sight, the UAPs were gone. One of the pilots, Captain Terauchi came out in the press citing that he encountered a UFO. As a result of his disclosure, he was grounded and given a desk job.

Years later, the airline had a change of heart and Terauchi was reinstated as a pilot.