Close encounters: Top 5 locations in the U.S. for UFO sightings

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UFO – Washington – Kenneth Arnold – Courtesy of William DeFalco

1. Washington – Kenneth Arnold Sighting (1947)

Kenneth Arnold can be credited with giving UFOs the “flying saucer” moniker. He was a pilot who while flying near Mount Rainier in June of 1947, saw 9 UAPs flying in a V formation like geese. Since it was not too long after WWII, the pilot assumed they were military.

However, when it was confirmed that there were no tests in that area, it became a mystery. Arnold’s description of the crafts, “a saucer if you skip it across water,” caught on with the public and hence “flying saucers” were born.

After Arnold’s sighting, the same group of 9 UFOs was spotted near Mount Adams as well as being witnessed by a commercial airliner in Idaho. The conclusion to this story is that the government felt that Kenneth was hallucinating and that he had seen “a mirage.”

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Of particular interest is that all of these states in the top 5 also happen to have very famous UFO cases associated with them. Coincidence or is there something particularly attractive about those locations? The truth is definitely out there!

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