Stranger Things 3: What we want to see while returning to Hawkins


With Stranger Things 3 debuting in a matter of hours, here are some things 1428 Elm wants to see in the highly anticipated upcoming season.

The following contains spoilers for Stranger Things 1 and 2. Strangers, read at your own risk.

Returning to Strangeland

Stranger Things 3 is almost upon us. With anticipation riding higher that Steve Harrington’s hair, the Netflix staple is promising some incredible things for year three. After some fans were less than impressed with the second season (it’s great, just a step down from the unforgettable first year), strangers are hoping the show comes back with a bang. Here are some things we hope happen in the show’s upcoming year.

Stranger Things 3 — Courtesy of Netflix

Hopper And Joyce Rejoice

Since the beginning of the Netflix hit, there has always been an attraction between Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper and the mother of Will Byers, Joyce. With the rest of the Hawkins Police Department even suggesting the two may have been intimate in the past, Jim and Joyce go as far back as high school. They even team up to find Will in the Upside Down, which undoubtedly made Joyce closer to ole Hop.

In Season 3, the long-hinted romance needs to become a reality. With Joyce losing “Bob the Brain” last year and Hopper single since his daughter’s death torn his marriage apart, it would be awesome to see them finally find love in one another.

Turning It Up To Eleven

Eleven hasn’t had it easy to say the least. After being ripped from her mother’s arms at an early age, the youngster was subjected to a series of cruel tests from “Papa.” Even after saving Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin from the clutches of Hawkins Lab goons and the Demogorgon, El still had to stay hidden in a strange shack with Hopper to protect her from being exploited by the outside world — or destroyed by it.

Eventually, Eleven makes it to the Snow Ball dance and kisses Mike, something the Wheeler boy promised in Season 1. This year, Eleven needs to become free from the restrictions of being, as Dustin puts it, one of the X-Men. She needs to live a normal life — Eleven deserves it.

Will Kids Around

Stranger Things began its journey in the hearts and minds of fans with the disappearance of Will Byers. Setting the stage for what’s arguably the greatest single season of television, the youngest of the Byers clan was largely missing from year one as everyone in Hawkins frantically searched for him. Eventually those closest made sure he came back, but the trouble didn’t end there.

Once home, Will became almost a puppet for the Shadow Monster. After spitting out what became Dustin’s pet-turned-prowler, Dart, Will was still inflicted with the horrors of the Upside Down. In Season 3, it would be great if Will could get a break. Maybe the kid can be on the helping side of things and not be a conduit for evil. Then again, the Byers seems to attract this kind of thing.

Lucas and Max Fall Madly

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After the disappearance of Eleven in year one, a female presence was largely missing from our favorite gang of Dungeons and Dragons slayers.

Enter Max. Step sister to overall terrible human being Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), Max, after some understandable reluctance, fit right in with the group. When Lucas entrust the fiery redhead with potentially deadly secrets, the two develop a romance which culminates in a kiss at the Snow Ball Dance.

In year three, we need to see this blossom even more. With the kids getting older, everyone is getting hormonal and it would make since for the gang be for concerned about finding love. Here’s hoping Lucas and Max can make it work — love at a young age is rough. But like it’s easier for us adults…

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