Swamp Thing S01 E06 recap: Abby sees a new side of Alec


In episode six of Swamp Thing, Matt reveals the truth to his mother about his work with Avery and Abby sees a new side of Alec.

Alec is minding his business in the woods when he is rudely startled by a pair of hunters tasked with bringing him to Avery and Dr. Woodrue on episode six of Swamp Thing. Thankfully, Alec isn’t that easy to take down.

You’ll need more than a couple of shotguns to go toe-to-toe with Swamp Thing. Even a well-placed bear trap does little to slow him down. Alec is able to defend himself again his attackers but it’s clear Avery isn’t going to back down.

Matt’s Secret Agenda

The reason Lucilia murdered Remy DuBois is due to the fact that he talked about harming Matt by letting people find out Matt was the one who blew up Alec’s boat. She confronts Matt about this discovery and Matt is adamant he did it because he had to.

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Avery has been keeping a file about Lucilia’s corruption dating back more than thirty years. It seems her frequent bedmate doesn’t exactly care about her well-being. Lucilia defends her actions by claiming everything she’s done has been for Matt.

The way these two try to protect each other seems to end up with more dead bodies than any traditional mother-son duo.

Matt gets to meet Alec face-to-face and Abby is the only reason he doesn’t wind up dead as a result. Abby pleads with Matt not to tell anyone about Alec’s new shape but he immediately tells his mother. You really can’t trust these two apparently.

Swamp Thing — Ep. 106 — Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Blue Devil

Cassidy is breathing through a ventilator after he and Liz were attacked by Avery’s thugs at the end of last week’s episode. It appears he isn’t going to survive and while he’s in his coma we get a flashback of how Danny came to be in Marais.

The Phantom Stranger, who was also introduced last week, returns. Before Marais, Danny was a struggling actor keen on getting a new and more important role. He makes his wishes known to the Phantom Stranger. He grants Danny’s wishes, perhaps not in the way he would have intended.

Danny played the “Blue Devil” for a role, but as we know, it became much more than that. He was sentenced to Marais to wait for his calling.

While asleep, Woodrue arrives at the hospital and injects Danny with the serum he’s been experimenting with in wake of learning about the strange swamp cells. It causes Danny to feel like his body is on fire from the inside.

Xanadu is able to ease Danny’s pain, for now.

Swamp Thing — Ep. 106 — Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Abby Sees a Familiar Version of Alec

Abby and Alec share another important scene together in this episode. Together, they return to Alec’s lab to see what they might be able to find there.

Alec tells Abby about everything the Phantom Stranger said. He fears if he becomes more familiar with the Green, as the Stranger advises, that he’ll lose touch with his human side.

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As if to demonstrate this possibility, a mysterious flower blooms in the palm of Alec’s hand. It spores pollen and Abby is suddenly able to see Alec as his human self once again.

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Is the pollen a temporary way for Alec to return to his human form? Or is it merely an illusion?