Travel Channel gets wild with Chris and Casey Keefer


Chris and Casey Keefer are hunters and outdoorsmen who are known for their successful cable show, Dropped. Now, they are taking their survival skills and their love of solving mysteries to Travel Channel in Code of the Wild.

Chris and Casey Keefer started out as hosts of the Dropped series on the Sportsman Channel. For years, these adventurers would get transported to remote parts of the globe where they would have to live off the land using only a compound bow and a muzzleloader. Now, they are going to put those fine-tuned skills to the test but in a different way.

Their latest venture for Travel Channel is Code of the Wild. On this show, they will be able to take their knowledge and put it to use solving mysteries in remote areas of the world.

So, for eight one-hour episodes, we will get to tag along with the duo as they try and find answers to the Boggs-Begich plane crash which could be connected to the Alaska Triangle. They will also be seeking missing Confederate Treasury money as well as determining if the lost colony of Ecuadorian giants existed.

Each brother has his own expertise. According to the Travel Channel press release:

"“I’m a history buff, and when it comes to unexplained mysteries, I go digging for evidence,” said Casey. While Chris uses his love of technology to get closer to the truth.  In his words, “There is no place we won’t go in our search for answers.”"

In the very first episode of their production, the Keefers find themselves on the road to El Dorado in search of the Lost City of Gold. Following the path of explorer, Percy Fawcett, this will take the pair deep into the Amazon. Will they find this elusive place of mythical lore?

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Find out when Code of the Wild premieres on Travel Channel, Aug. 6 at 10 p.m.

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