Scream: Are you ready for the Resurrection of Ghostface?


With Scream: Resurrection set to hit the airwaves in hours, 1428 Elm is taking a closer look at the new event series and the return of Ghostface.

As Stu Macher once said, “these days, you gotta have a sequel!” Today, the movie-loving psycho would say reboot..

From Scream to Screen

After the dismal attempt to bring the Scream franchise back with 2011’s Scream 4, the once king of horror found a new home alongside “music television.” Ditching the classic look for something different but similar (pesky rights issues, I know), the franchise saw a rebooting with a series on MTV.

Fighting off the stigma after years of The Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, new villain Brandon James and a cast of colorful characters took the station started by The Buggles (“Video Killed the Radio Star”) and made it surprisingly fantastic and bloody entertaining.

After a step down in Season 2 (decent but not as good as its debut), the series fell to the wayside like the town of Woodsboro. Falling victim to the business side of bloody — it was tied The Weinstein Company, which assets were sold after the Harvey Weinstein crimes came to light — Season 3 was eventually given a title change and a new home in VH1.

Resurrection Infection

Tonight, Scream: Resurrection debuts on the secondary music network at 9/8c. Offering two episodes a night over the next three days, the summer horror event looks to take a different approach to the classic formula, this time with a mostly African-American cast and Mary J. Blige as supporting star and producer.

With horror icon Tony Todd adding to the frights, the story centers around a football player being terrorized after a bad decision in his youth. While some may balk at the deviation, it’s things like this that help keep horror fresh and strengthen our genre as a whole. Call me crazy — I’m just glad the long-running horror series is returning calls again.

Mr. Phoney Goes Ghost

More from Scream

On top of a unique approach to the iconic franchise, Scream: Insurrection is bringing back two key things that helped make there series what it is. Firstly, the wildly popular Ghostface mask is back. After being sorely missed from the first two years (trying new things is great, but it’s not really Scream without it), the immortal look is back. But like a game show host, that’s not all….

One of the things that truly makes Scream incredible is the voice work of Roger Jackson. Using the talent as the voice of each killer in the film series, there’s something about how he speaks that just sends chills down your spine. With Jackson back, this time terrorizing students in Atlanta, the stage is set for the real return of Ghostface.

Scream Baby Scream

We’re hours away from another mark in the illustrious Scream canon. With the film series all but dead (how ironic), the property is now part of the ever changing TV landscape. With a change of location and more hip-hop approach, Scream is ready for the next chapter in what is hopefully a new start for Ghostface. With the summer event series be something to scream about? You’ll have to dial up VH1 to find out.

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