Adam Marcus interview: Tell your story, not someone else’s

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Adam Marcus – New Projects on the Horizon – Courtesy of Skeleton Crew

New Projects on the Horizon

Adam Marcus (Cont.): I am making a movie that is Friday the 13th inspired from the work I did with Steven Williams in Jason Goes to Hell. He and I are collaborating on a project called Hells Bells that will have shades of the work we have done together.

1428 Elm: Are you participating in a documentary dealing with Jason Goes to Hell? What can you tell us about that?

Adam Marcus: Yes, I am. Skeleton Crew was asked to come in as a producer. The filmmakers who brought it to me wanted my involvement in the movie and I said look, the only way I will be involved with a documentary on Jason Goes to Hell is if its warts and all.

I don’t want some behind the scenes documentary that you see on TV. I am cool with having critics and fans in the film who hate it. I have no problem with that. I also want people who love the movie in it as well.

When it comes to Jason Goes to Hell, the premise of the documentary will be who in the hell would give the world’s largest franchise in film history to a 23-year-old kid? Who would do that and why?

1428 Elm: The documentary sounds very interesting! Are there any other projects that fans can be on the lookout for?

Adam Marcus: Secret Santa will be coming to VOD in October. We’re really excited about that! It was a hit on the festival circuit. We just sold Germany, Australia and England so we’re going to be all over the world which is amazing for this tiny, little movie.

I am going to tease a project that no one knows about. My group Skeleton Crew has a HUGE announcement coming about our next film with a major superstar.

1428 Elm: Can you say what genre it is in?

Adam Marcus: It is an action movie with ties to the horror community.

However, in horror news specifically, we are making Fat Camp Massacre right now. It is for people of size like Get Out was for people of color.

It is a rally cry against fat shaming, against body dysmorphia. The tag line is “Get ready for the real Hunger Games.”  This is the kind of movies we want to do at Skeleton Crew. We want to do socially conscious movies that might offend people and get them pissed off.

But if it gets people talking, that’s what we want. This movie is funny as hell. It’s not a jokey comedy, it’s a character comedy. The script was written by Debra Sullivan, my partner, me and Lindsay Hollister. We are so proud to be associated with this movie.