Emmy snub: Will Bruce Campbell ever get the recognition he deserves?


Bruce Campbell and the brilliant cast of Lodge 49 were submitted for Emmy consideration in April. Yesterday, the nominations were announced and of course, the series wasn’t part of the Academy selections.

Bruce Campbell is one of the best character actors in the business today. That is why he has had a career that has lasted for four decades. He is one of the most in demand personalities for conventions. Plus, he has a hit show on Travel Channel with Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

In April, we reported that the actor was submitted by AMC for Emmy consideration along with the talented cast of Lodge 49. Well, yesterday, nominations were announced and as par for the course, no surprises anywhere and no one from AMC’s quirky dramedy in sight.

While on one hand, I knew it was going to play out like that on the other hand, I really was pulling for the series. Why? Because it is one of the most well-written productions on television today. Showrunner and writer extraordinaire, Jim Gavin excels at off-beat tales with tons of heart.

And that is what Lodge 49 has in spades, heart. It so relatable. All of the cast are people that you would meet in everyday life. They have their shortcomings but you can’t help but like them. You want to see them overcome obstacles and come out better on the other side.

Wyatt Russell as Sean “Dud” Dudley, Brent Jennings as Ernie Fontaine, Linda Emond as Connie Wright, Eric Allan Kramer as Scott Wright, David Pasquesi as Blaise St John – Lodge 49 _ Season 1, Gallery – Photo Credit: James Minchin III/AMC

If a series can get you to actually care about the characters that populate their particular story then as a producer, you have a hit on your hands. Lodge 49 is all about the dynamics of relationships. How everyone interacts with everyone. It is a small show that doesn’t rely on big name actors like Reese Witherspoon or Meryl Streep.

That’s the beauty of it! The actors on the AMC hit are recognizable. You know that you have seen them before. Like Brent Jennings was on Modern Family, David Pasquesi was on VEEP and Eric Allan Kramer was in Mel Brooks’ brilliantly funny, Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Of course, Wyatt Russell was in the quiet gem, Cold in July and was seen more recently in Overlord. Not to mention he has a certain name recognition (Kurt Russell is his dad!).

Maybe because they are all so familiar is why they feel like your next-door neighbor or your work colleague. Lodge 49 is comfort food in the barren wasteland that network television has become.

That is why it is disappointing to me that no one from this series was recognized. Bruce Campbell did some of his finest work as Gary “Captain” Green. In my opinion, this role was better than Sam Axe, Brisco and Ash Williams.

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His portrayal of Green was memorable. Throughout the episodes, his larger than life character was talked about and speculated on because no one had ever laid eyes on “Captain” so a mythology surrounded him. So, who better to play a man who has a larger than life persona? Campbell.

Yes, Gary was deeply flawed. His marriage was falling apart, he had questionable dealings with gangsters not to mention that he was a con artist too. But he was a likable guy. Despite all of those issues, you wanted to see more of him.

Bruce found that moral grey area and made Green his own. It was his subtle and understated performance that garnered a nod from AMC and a submission for an Emmy. He brought the Captain to life.

Just because Campbell started out in B-movies doesn’t mean that he should be discounted for an award. Sometimes Hollywood has this self-exaggerated importance, they believe their own hype. Furthermore, it is a prized skill to be able to imbue your characters with the best of your personality but have them be believable entities on their own.

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So, maybe this wasn’t Bruce’s year. There is always 2020 and a nomination for Host for a Reality or Competition Program for Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

What is your favorite Bruce Campbell performance and why? Let us know in the comments.