Happy Death Day: Christopher Landon shuts down rumors of a third movie


Rumors of a third Happy Death Day movie being in development have been floating around for days, but director Christopher Landon has some bad news.

Happy Death Day arrived in 2017 to inject a good dose of comedy into the genre but without turning the final product into a joke. The premise was also quite interesting, mixing science fiction (with the whole time loop thing) with slasher/horror. It also performed well with audiences so a sequel was made, appropriately titled Happy Death Day 2U.

The point of the sequel was to explain the origin of the time loop from the first movie while also including some drama… and alternate universes. Of course, its fun to explore the multiverse theory (and if you can mix it with horror, the better). Director Christopher Landon has previously shared he would like to make a third movie, and rumors about it being in development popped up in recent days.

Sadly, that’s all they are: rumors. Back in March, Jason Blum said a third Happy Death Day movie was not very likely to happen and now Landon himself has debunked the rumors on his Twitter account, confirming that there’s no movie in development – unless some studio like, let’s say, Netflix, jumped in and saved the project, then it would totally happen.

Netflix has been the savior of a couple of series and movies in the last years, so it’s not a completely crazy idea to consider. The real question would be: is a third movie actually necessary?

The post-credits scene in Happy Death Day 2U can easily set up a third movie, but it can also be left that way. In case you don’t remember (or missed it), the post-credits scene shows Tree, Carter, Ryan, Samar, and Dre as they are escorted to a DARPA laboratory, where the reactor is being kept. It’s explained to them that they are doing some experiments and need a test subject to trap in yet one more time loop, and Tree suggests Danielle. Cut to: Danielle waking up screaming.

Would it make sense to have a movie following Danielle through her time loop? Not really. Unless something went wrong and things got… gory. Still, it feels unnecessary. The second movie has a good ending and gives the characters what they need (yes, I think Danielle needed to be trapped in a time loop. It’s a life-changing experience), so it might be better to leave it like that.

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For now, there won’t be a Happy Death Day 3, but life is full of surprises. Who knows, Netflix might be the hero once more.

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