5 best creature features of all time


When you’re tired of demons and ghosts, it can be fun to watch a movie with an actual monster. Here are the 5 best creature features of all time.

Creature features. The term can be a little difficult to define. Does it include terrestrial monsters like giant crocodiles and sharks roaming the deep? What about alien creatures invading earth?

Wicked Horror wrote a fantastic article about how to define the “creature feature” so we’re using the parameters they discussed to create our list.

Going by their interpretation, we eliminate anything humanoid-like zombies, vampires, and werewolves. We don’t include aliens or robots because they have their own genres. And we exclude killer animals unless they’re hybrids or have had their DNA tampered with.

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That leaves us with the following five best creature features of all time!

5. Jeepers Creepers (2001)

It’s the movie that inspired a generation of horror fans to become terrified of scarecrows and everything that happens out in rural areas.

Jeepers Creepers follows the Jenner siblings (played by Justin Long and Gina Philips) as they drive through the countryside on their way home for spring break.

On the way there, they stop because they see a man loading what appears to be bodies into a drain pipe. Foolishly, the siblings decide to do some further investigating and attract the attention of a demonic creature.

While the movie wasn’t super popular with critics, it has a loyal cult following and received two sequels.

4. Gremlins (1984)

You’ve heard the rules before, don’t feed them after midnight, don’t expose them to bright light, and don’t get them wet! Those are the rules for taking care of a mogwai. If you break any of them, you’ll unleash the torment of gremlins who will wreak havoc all over your home.

A salesman discovers this while shopping for the perfect Christmas present. He gifts his son with a mogwai and what initially begins as an adorable furry creature morphs into something else entirely. Gremlins is largely considered one of the best horror movies ever and it is still extremely popular to this day.

3. Tremors (1990)

Kevin Bacon stars in this classic monster comedy film. Set in a sleepy desert town of Nevada, a seismologist begins to notice something strange rumbling beneath the surface.

With the help of a couple and a few other townsfolk, they must wage war against the terrifying worm-like monstrosities burrowing under their feet leaving a trail of bodies behind. Due to the immense popularity of Tremors, it produced four direct-to-video sequels and a television series.

2. The Descent (2006)

Sarah travels to North Carolina with a plan to go spelunking with some of her closest friends in the wake of emotional trauma. But when the group goes hiking down in the dark caves they stumble upon hideous monsters with a taste for human flesh and their once normal adventure becomes a fight for their lives. The film stars Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, MyAnna Buring, and Nora-Jane Noone.

1. The Host (2006)

Turns out 2006 was a pretty fantastic year for creature features since both The Descent and The Host came out then. The Host is a South Korean monster film and it has earned its place at the top spot on this list. It follows the story of chemicals being dumped in the Han River.

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Due to the toxic waste, a horrific monster emerges from the watery depths. The beast wastes no time in ravaging the town citizens. When it captures a child, her parents must go to the ends of the earth to kill the monster once and for all.

What is your favorite creature feature of all time? Have you seen all of those on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.