Bruce Campbell chat: A night under the stars to remember at Britt Festival


Bruce Campbell was live on Facebook today in an interview with Teddy Abrams, conductor of the Britt Festival Orchestra. Grab a bottle of chardonnay and let the kids roam around. It’s story time!

Bruce Campbell may live in an area of Southern Oregon with no cell service but everyone has his number. He is like an ambassador for the state. Always willing to participate in community events it is no small feat that the Britt Music and Arts Festival was able to land him for Teddy Abrams’ Family Night.

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. under the stars in a beautiful outdoor venue, the actor will be narrating two classic children’s tales, Peter and the Wolf and The Mountain that Loved a Bird. However, in Bruce’s words, “It’s not your stodgy Tuesday with Grandpa’s boring classical music. We’re going to mix it up a little bit.”

And boy are they ever! Together with Teddy Abrams who will be conducting the orchestra, there will be musical accompaniment to Campbell’s prose. In a live interview on Facebook today with Abrams, the two discussed what the audience can expect. Of course, in Bruce’s quick-witted, free-form style.

Another impressive party to add to this stellar event is Caroline Shaw. Ms. Shaw according to Campbell, is “Kind of a fancy pants. She’s got some brass. She has a Pulitzer.” In fact, in 2013 she won the award for her a cappella piece, Partita for 8 Voices.

Bruce Campbell – Chat at the Britt – Courtesy of Britt Music and Arts Festival

For the Festival, she has composed the score to The Mountain that Loved a Bird. The other piece that Bruce will be narrating.

In his joking style, the actor told Teddy Abrams the reason why he was hired. “I can drive myself to the performance.” But seriously, with his commanding voice and professional stature who better to put his own high caliber take on two beloved stories?

The real star though is the location of the event which both Teddy and Bruce were quick to point out. Teddy considers Britt Hill to be an “apex musical experience.” Campbell, forever the natural born entertainer had this to say:

"“This is not a standard venue. This is have your chardonnay on the lawn, let the bratty kids run around. Forget about it. Put the video games down. Come and learn a little culture.”"

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He was also quick to heap praise on both Teddy and Caroline by calling them “geniuses.” The audience is in for a treat tonight. If you are expecting a standard rendition of Peter and the Wolf, think again. Bruce is putting his own spin on it.

With Teddy’s buy in to create a fun experience, some nearby towns will be referenced. Such as Kerby, Ashland and Klamath Falls. All will receive “shout-outs” this evening. Which is great because it makes the event extra special and creates a true sense of community.

Fans of Bruce should know this is his first time doing anything with an orchestra. He admits to being “terrified.” That being said, for those who are lucky enough to attend expect “top quality,” which is a no-brainer considering the talent involved.

However, Campbell cautions that The Mountain that Loved a Bird is a “beautiful and very moving” piece. So, don’t be surprised if you tear up a little bit.

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If you want to see Bruce Campbell, Teddy Abrams and Caroline Shaw in action, tickets are still available. Click on this link to purchase and enjoy a beautiful night!

Will you be seeing Bruce Campbell at the Britt? If so, let us know in the comments!