Interview: Lindsay Farris turns up the heat in My Life Is Murder

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Lindsay Farris – My Life Is Murder 2 – Courtesy of Channel 10, Lindsay Farris

We caught up with Lindsay Farris who will be back on the small screen with Lucy Lawless on Aug. 5 for the premiere of her latest series, My Life Is Murder on Acorn TV.

Lindsay Farris is one of our favorite interviews at 1428 Elm. Recently, we sat down with the Ash vs Evil Dead actor to talk about his steamy reunion with Lucy Lawless, his next movie with an interesting title and a project that he has in development.

Lindsay Farris – The Interview

Lindsay Farris – My Life is Murder 3 – Courtesy of Channel 10, Lindsay Farris

Reunited and It Feels So Good

1428 Elm: It’s so great to speak with you again, Lindsay! Let’s talk about your great role in the first episode of Lucy Lawless’ new series, My Life Is Murder. Tell our readers a little bit about the show and how did you become involved? Did you audition or did Lucy suggest you for the part?

Lindsay Farris: Thank you so much! The show first came to my attention via my Australian agent, she basically called and said, “Did you see that Lucy [Lawless] is doing a new show in Melbourne?” and I read an article and it looked really wonderful, but I was in Los Angeles so it didn’t look like I was going to be able to do much about it.

About two weeks later I got a call from their team and they straight up offered me the part – I imagine that Lucy was certainly involved here. It was during one of the busiest times of the year, pilot season, but the script and character were really wonderful, and in the end the thought of getting to spend a few months back in Melbourne working with Lucy again meant that I ended up jumping on a plane.

1428 Elm: What attracted you to the part? Apparently, you are playing two roles? Can you tease anything about that? Of course, without giving anything critical away.

LF: The script was really well-written; Matt Ford is an awesome writer and the rest of the creative team and CJZ [Production Company] were exceptional. Also, Leah Purcell has always been someone I’d wanted to work with (she’s a creative powerhouse).

When I learned that she was helming the episode, I knew it was going to be something incredibly special. Leah and Lucy – awesome duo. The character was also really fun and thrilling.

Dylan is a bit of an enigma – someone that is adept at wearing different ‘masks’, depending on the ‘role’ he’s in. And it’s a bit of a ‘cat and mouse’ type situation when it comes to his relationship with Alexa [played by Lucy], it’s a little bit sexy and a lotta bit fun – German bread-maker and all.