Summoning spirits with The Curio Shoppe unboxing


We are back with another unboxing and this time it is of the spooky, entity summoning variety as we look at spirit boards from The Curio Shoppe.

The Curio Shoppe is open for business!

I have always had a fascination with spirit boards for as long as I can remember. The spiritualism movement of the 1920’s made spirit boards and seances all the rage which means there are a lot out there for collectors.

It isn’t just vintage spirit boards that are amazing to collect, but there is a company out there that makes handmade wooden spirit boards and planchettes that will blow your mind. They are called The Curio Shoppe and check out the unboxing below before you read. Below I will include pictures, pricing and links where you can shop.

I would like to send out a huge thank you to The Curio Shoppe for sending this board my way to unbox and show to you. I was blown away by the quality immediately and you can blatantly see how much talent is there. Let’s take a look.

The Curio Shoppe
Photo by DD Crowley /

I wasn’t sure what I expected when they said they were sending out a board but it was much more elaborate than I anticipated. Taking it out of the box, there was a very strong smell of lumber.

Because it was contained in the box, I felt as if I had just walked into a lumber yard. I personally like the smell, but I mention it for those that are sensitive to smells that it can be pretty strong at first.

The board itself is stunning. They chose The Goat design although they have many on their Etsy page. One of my favorites is their Cthulhu design which is so intricate.

The designs look to be done with wood burning as you can see darkened wood above the designs giving it a scorched quality. On top of the wood what looks to be plexiglass has been attached to give the board a smooth surface if you wanted to use it.

Curio Shoppe
Photo by DD Crowley /

What spirit board would be complete without a planchette to go with it? The planchette included in the set matches The Goat design on the board. the planchette comes in a small bag with a stand to display it. The hole in the planchette has a similar plexiglass making it seem a bit sturdier.

The Curio Shoppe
Photo by DD Crowley /

The Curio Shoppe is the master of intricately designed spirit boards and planchettes. They have even started creating boards that light up through the bottoms. You can buy the planchettes alone for $12 (which seems like a steal for the quality of the items) or the board sets for $60. If you would like to shop their boards, you can do so HERE.

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I am not being paid for this review and I am not an affiliate although they did send the board. I am just a fan of spirit boards and think that The Curio Shoppe makes stunning boards and planchettes you can be proud to display…or use if you’re brave enough.

What do you think of The Curio Shoppe’s beautiful spirit boards? Let us know in the comments.