Swamp Thing introduces an iconic DC villain in its final hour


Make sure you stick around for the post-credits scene of the Swamp Thing finale to witness the show introduce an iconic DC villain.

The final episode of Swamp Thing premiered today on the DC Universe app and if you haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet I recommend doing so as soon as possible. The show does a pretty good job of wrapping up all of its “Loose Ends.”

However, it also gives us a spectacular tease in the post-credits scene that makes me sad the series has been canceled. Now, more than ever, I’m hoping the series is rescued by another streaming platform or even revived for the upcoming Warner Brothers streaming service, HBO Max.

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Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched the season finale of Swamp Thing.

Jason Woodrue reaches his apex as a villain this week. For starters, he duct tapes his poor wife to a chair and intends to force feed her some of Swamp Thing’s mutagen-ridden body parts harvested from the dissection.

But he wouldn’t give his wife something he didn’t test on himself first. Woodrue eats some of Swamp Thing’s heart. Initially, the only reaction we see is his growing strength. He almost kills Abby, who manages to call 911 when she sees Caroline’s condition.

Before Jason can kill our favorite doctor, law enforcement arrives and tasers him.

Fast-forward to the post-credits scene at the end, Matt goes to the precinct and finds it full of dead bodies and a mysterious flora. For a moment, I thought Swamp Thing was about to introduce us to Poison Ivy (Lucilia did drown in the swamp, so who knows?).

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Instead, they brought in another iconic DC villain, the Floronic Man. Woodrue emerges in his full glory to confront Matt, who looks horrified (and who wouldn’t?). The special effects team did a fantastic job on the Floronic Man costume. It’s a shame we won’t get to see more of him.

It looks like poor Matt is slaughtered off-screen as the camera pans away.

Woodrue’s transition to the Plant Master is akin to Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run, which is what the show is based on.

Is there a chance we could see him move to another DC television series like Titans or Doom Patrol? If not, it’s still an awesome teaser and fans of the series should be pleased to see such a terrifying incarnation of the famous villain.

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What did you think of the post-credits scene? Do you hope to see the Floronic Man or Swamp Thing characters move to another show if the series isn’t saved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Season one of Swamp Thing is now streaming on DC Universe.