Swamp Thing post-mortem: 5 questions we may never have answers to


Swamp Thing has officially come to an end, but we still have tons of questions the show never got the chance to answer. Here’s our top five.

DC Universe aired the season finale of Swamp Thing this past Friday, and for now, we’ve seen the last of Alec Holland and Abby Arcane. There is still hope for the show, or at least the characters could find life on another platform. But for now, we must say good-bye.

That said, the series was not only canceled after only one episode but also had its production order chopped up from thirteen episodes to ten. It left us with many unanswered questions. The finale resolved a majority of the series’ plotlines, but we’re still wondering about a few things left unsaid.

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5. Would Danny and Madame Xanadu have had more to do?

One of my biggest issues with this season of Swamp Thing is the introduction of famous characters like Madame Xanadu and Blue Devil, who had little relevance to the overall plot.

We didn’t see Cassidy transform into the Blue Devil officially until the penultimate episode. By that point, it doesn’t serve much purpose to the story. He never even gets to team up with Swamp Thing. In the finale, he leaves town.

As for Madame Xanadu, she spends most of her time giving warnings to Maria, and the last we see of her is in the sanitorium, trying to provide Maria with peace of mind. For two characters who are such vital parts of the comics, it’s a shame they weren’t implemented better into the story. But there may have been plans for them in seasons to come.

4. Would Maria escape from the sanitarium?

At the beginning of the season, Maria appeared to be more of a threat than she wound up being. The Shauna plot was exciting and gave us a creepy episode involving her daughter’s spirit returning, but after that, Maria was mostly relegated to a side story.

Then her husband gets her tossed into a sanitorium. We’re lead to believe Madame Xanadu had her mind at peace thinking she was with Shauna, but I felt unresolved. I would have liked to see Maria become more of a threat, especially to her husband.

3. Will Avery experience side effects from the swamp?

After Matt and Lucilia attempt to kill Avery, he spends some time down in the muck of the swamp. He survives and crawls out, but in the final scene, we see of Avery in the finale he appears to cough something up that looks suspiciously like pond scum.

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Could Avery be infected by the rot or the mysterious darkness of the swamp? Would we have seen him develop abilities or mutations had his storyline been able to progress?

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2. Would Caroline have been saved?

The last time we saw Caroline, she was duct-taped to a chair in her home by her mad scientist of a husband, Dr. Jason Woodrue. While Woodrue did get to eat some of Swamp Thing’s heart, he didn’t get the chance to test his experiment on his wife. Is Caroline doomed to die? Or would she have somehow been saved from her catatonia?

1. Is Matt dead?

If you watched the Swamp Thing finale into the credits (which I strongly recommend you do), then you were treated to an awesome post-credits scene revealing Jason Woodrue had completed his evolution into the Floronic Man. Unfortunately, that evolution comes at the cost of Matt’s life. Matt accidentally stumbles upon Woodrue at the precinct, and we’re lead to believe Floronic Man kills him off-screen.

But could he have survived somehow? Unfortunately, Matt is another character who didn’t amount to much this season. Remember the initial side-plot revealing a flirtation between him and Abby? That was dropped.

And what was the point of his car crash? All questions that probably would have been answered with the three additional episodes and a season two order, but alas, we may never know.

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What questions do you still have after the season finale of Swamp Thing? Are you happy with how the show wrapped things up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The entire first season of Swamp Thing is now available to stream on DC Universe.