The Exorcism of Clarita stocks enough thrills and chills to elevate its standard possession story

The Exorcism of Clarita - Photo Courtesy of Arena Cinelounge
The Exorcism of Clarita - Photo Courtesy of Arena Cinelounge /

If you’re in the mood for a dark new possession film, look no further than the upcoming Asian horror film, The Exorcism of Clarita. Read our full review.

The Exorcism of Clarita is Arena Cinelounge’s first venture into putting out genre films in the digital world. While the movie falls prey to some of the common possession story obstacles, it has enough grotesque body horror and genuine chills to overcome the majority of its shortcomings. The entire film is anchored by a terrific and terrifying performance by lead actress Jodi Sta. Marie.

In the year 1953, a group of doctors is mysteriously killed by supernatural forces to linked to a woman named Clarita. Father Salvador (Ricky Davao) and Benedicto (Arron Villaflor) are recruited from the Catholic Church to perform an exorcism on Clarita.

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Their initial encounter with Clarita doesn’t go well. An investigation is conducted to find out more about her history and help the priests prepare to make another attempt.

It takes a little while to fully immerse yourself into the film because not much is given in the way of exposition.

Viewers are tossed in with the expectation you’re here to see a specific exorcism and little else. It can be frustrating for those who enjoy having a fully fleshed out story to understand what brought them to this point.

However, the lack of strong plotting can be forgiven once you decide to accept this is about Clarita’s path and journey to the light if she is not too far gone.

The Exorcism of Clarita
The Exorcism of Clarita – Photo Courtesy of Arena Cinelounge /

I was impressed with the body horror. There were several scenes involving a creepy tongue and fingernails that made my toes curl and my stomach tense. The final exorcism scene of the movie is particularly hard to watch in places due to the way Clarita’s body is positioned. I won’t ruin any of the fun but be prepared to be both shocked and eerily compelled to see more.

The effects are produced well and created with a deft touch. All the film’s acting is commendable too, adding to the creep factor. But, as I mentioned before, the actress who plays Clarita is truly a cast standout.

I’m not sure if she did her stunts herself, but she certainly recalled Linda Blair in several scenes due to the sheer insanity of her body contortions. There is nothing creepier than the unnatural movements of the human anatomy.

Watch the spooky trailer for the film for yourself:

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Do you plan on watching The Exorcism of Clarita when it is released? What are your favorite possession movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Exorcism of Clarita will be available on-demand and digital this fall.