Bruce Campbell: The ultimate mashup featuring Ash vs Jason

Bruce Campbell - Ash vs Jason 2 - Courtesy of De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG), Renaissance Pictures
Bruce Campbell - Ash vs Jason 2 - Courtesy of De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG), Renaissance Pictures /

For Bruce Campbell fans, this mashup might be a dream come true. If you imagine a time where Ash Williams meets up with Jason Voorhees, this could be your Holy Grail.

Bruce Campbell was at Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con recently and the question came up about the Ash vs Freddy vs Jason concept for a movie. Of course, Bruce replied that it wasn’t going to happen because you would have to split the pot both ways among other concerns.

This answer always seems to disappoint those individuals that want to see the three horror icons battle one another onscreen. Well, that is about to change because a fan named Marc Reissnecker has made that dream come true by creating the ultimate mash-up between Ash Williams and Jason Voorhees.

Using various bits of footage from the Evil Dead trilogy coupled with Friday the 13th segments, Reissnecker has managed to give followers of both franchises a taste of what it would look like if the two legendary characters ever had a showdown. Truth be told, in certain sequences the editing is choppy however, it could lend itself to that old late 70’s early 80’s “shaky cam” feel.

An amusing part of the clip came when Ash used his boomstick several times to kill Voorhees to no avail. The ingenuity to make something as inventive as this video is pretty impressive. We were lucky enough to stumble upon it.

While we know that Kane Hodder, Robert Englund and Bruce Campbell are beyond the age where a production of this caliber could happen, maybe it could be an animated effort where all the actors would have to do is provide their voices.

"Ash VS JasonEvil Dead Versus Friday the 13th"

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So, until that match up between franchises becomes reality, at least this effort serves as a cool tribute to what might have been.

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