Strange World preview: Eerie disappearances on Mt. Shasta

Strange World is exploring the unexplained disappearances surrounding the region around Mount Shasta in California. Join host Christopher Garetano as he attempts to get lost in the woods to solve the mystery.

Strange World is appointment television for someone like me. I love delving into weirdness and mysteries. The first two episodes with Christopher Garetano have explored various forms of mind control from the Montauk Project to video games, chiefly the legend behind Polybius.

Now, in the third installment, we find our host tackling the unexplained disappearances surrounding Mount Shasta in northern California. Who knew that such a beautiful place housed dark secrets?

Garetano attempts to walk in the shoes of those doomed hikers that have never made it back to civilization. What possible explanations could there be for the vanishings?

According to Cool Interesting Stuff, fascinating lore surrounds this part of the country. One of the crazy stories involves a 3-year-old who claims a robot version of his grandmother abducted him. She then took him to a cave full of spiders.

Did this really happen? Apparently, so because the next day his grandmother woke up with a spider bite on the back of her neck!

Then there is talk of tunnels underneath the mountain where an ancient tribe dwell. Of course, there is another theory involving extraterrestrials. This is nothing new. In fact, in 1947 before Roswell, Kenneth Arnold witnessed a fleet of nine UFOs flying past Mount Adams in nearby Washington state. Both Adams and Shasta are part of the Cascades.

Christopher will also talk with local law enforcement as part of his research into this bizarre story. It will be very interesting to see what he uncovers on his trek into the foreboding woods.

Catch Strange World, Mondays at 11 p.m. on Travel Channel.

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