Christopher Garetano interview: What lies beneath Strange World

Christopher Garetano as seen on Travel Channel's Strange World.
Christopher Garetano as seen on Travel Channel's Strange World. /
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Christopher Garetano
Lee Raskin and Host Christopher Garetano discussing James Dean at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood as seen on Travel Channel’s Strange World /

The Curse of Little Bastard

1428 Elm: Strange World’s next episode deals with James Dean’s car and his accident. Can you tease a little bit for our readers? What can they expect?

Christopher Garetano: Let’s rewind back to the 1950’s. James Dean was obsessed with racing. That was his love. He had this enormous career on the horizon. He was going to be this amazing actor and he was. But he barely released a film at that point.

One was almost finished; one was released and one was in production. Finally, closing up, I think Giant was filming. Dean was to be this legend but he hadn’t become it yet. His other love was racing. A lot of people were urging him to stop.

He walked inside a show room inside this motor company and sees this Porsche 550 Spyder and falls in love with it. It is like Arnie Cunningham and Christine. He just sees it and is seduced by it right away.

So, he needed this car. Here is where the story begins for me. He is driving around Los Angeles, and he pulls up to a restaurant where Alec Guinness is eating dinner.

The actor looks at James Dean who pulls up in Little Bastard and says to him:

"“If you get back in that car, you’re going to be dead within 2 days.”"

Later Guinness said that it was like something came over him. Something took over his mouth. He said he had this “power and feeling inside of me that I had to tell him.”

Christopher Garetano (Cont.): Who does that? I bought a Mustang not too long ago and I love it. It’s a great car but no one told me, “Chris, if you get back in that car, you’re going to die.” That is where the story begins. It’s just an odd thing to say to somebody.

Sir Alec Guinness had a premonition of James Dean’s death. He died 2 days later. It could be the car was cursed or like Christine, it was just born bad.

This car just didn’t affect Dean, it affected other people many years later. There was a doctor that purchased Little Bastard’s chassis and everything except the engine and put it in his racing Lotus.

His buddy who had a Porsche 550 Spyder just like James Dean, put parts of Dean’s vehicle in his car. Now, this is documented. Both of them went to a race. In that race, the only 2 people that crashed and the only person that died was the guy in the Spyder and the guy that was driving the Lotus.

They both crashed horribly and the guy in the Spyder died. Whatever is going on has to do with that car.

Planning Season 2

1428 Elm: Despite what some people think, objects can be cursed. They can have residual energy that can cause those type of things.

Christopher Garetano: Sure! I have a theory about Amityville Horror that nobody talks about. I want to explore that in an episode. It has to do with retaining energy. The family that lived in the house, the DeFeos were all killed in their beds.

The next owner, George Lutz liked to save money. He kept the bed frames of everyone who was murdered in the house. And that’s the family that experienced the haunting. And a lot of the families after them didn’t because they got rid of those frames.

I have a feeling it has something to do with that.

1428 Elm: Do you think that could be an episode in Season 2?

Christopher Garetano:  I’ve offered 12 possibilities already for Season 2. I would love to do that. Its not a ghost hunter episode its more about the discussion of what may have caused the haunting.