Nick Wolfhard interview: Hail the hero of The Last Kids on Earth

Photo: Nick Wolfhard.. Image Courtesy Gordan Dumka
Photo: Nick Wolfhard.. Image Courtesy Gordan Dumka /
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Onscreen vs Offscreen

1428 Elm: Looking at your resume, you have done quite a lot of voice over work in your career along with onscreen appearances. Do you have a preference?

Nick Wolfhard: I still prefer voice over to on camera work but I actually like being on screen now. I was on The In-Between on NBC which was really fun to do. Despite the fact that you are on set all day, you can meet a lot of people and the food is great.

The set can be really interesting. That feeling when you put your all into something and the crew members giving you a pat on the back.

For me, the equivalent in the voiceover booth of that feeling is to make the people on the other side of the booth laugh.

1428 Elm: Your brother Finn does a lot of on camera work. He’s in Stranger Things and Ghostbusters 2020. Did you come from a theatrical family?

Nick Wolfhard: No, not at all. As a kid, I took acting classes for fun and I did some improv classes as well. Actually, I started acting before Finn did.

He is doing his thing; I am doing mine. And I also have a pilot that I am involved in. We both do different things but we are supportive of one another.

1428 Elm: Can you tease anything about the pilot?

Nick Wolfhard: I can’t say too much but the guy who is executive producing is a friend of mine and he is a very big figurehead at a company. I can say that it is not for kids. It is going to be on TV and it is animated.

Love and Family

1428 Elm: Getting back to the Last Kids on Earth, Jack’s love for June is legendary and he will go to great lengths to keep her safe. She seems a little more inclined to think of him as a friend although she might not admit it. Do you think their relationship will ever get to that coveted status of boyfriend/girlfriend?

Nick Wolfhard: They become kind of like family. I think maybe down the line, sure. For now, they come to love each other whatever that love may be. Whether it is familial love or boyfriend/girlfriend…me, myself I am personally hoping that it is satisfying since its part of Jack’s character arc.

That’s ultimately up to the writers to decide. I am alright with whatever is well-written.

1428 Elm: If you had to describe The Last Kids on Earth in a sentence, what would it be?

Nick Wolfhard: Hmm…good question. Its about family, its about action, comedy, drama, its about everything. If you’re going to watch it, watch it with everyone you know so they get to experience it with you. And you get the message that you won’t be lonely.

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It was a pleasure chatting with Nick Wolfhard. You can catch Last Kids on Earth starting Sept. 17 on Netflix!

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